Thought this would be a sweet t-shirt. I like it on black the best, but I put in a few other colors just in case.

Watch this

Thought this would be a sweet t-shirt. I like it on black the best, but I put in a few other colors just in case.


I like this, for some reason i would wear it, i guess that's reason enough. :]


Very neat, Black works great with this design , centered is better. Is their a white border around the continents? it looks like it on the pic but not on the shirt, better without a border. You print, I buy! 5$


I wonder how many people will stop you to look at this. I've been staring at it for several minutes. Works well on black. $5.


true, cb. not using clip art seems to be hard for a lot of new ppl.


love the colors... looks great centred


I have an idea, how about you submit something you actually created.



Ultra fail.


Too late to rescind my $5?

Alexandra Marie

Do you ever actually create your own designs?
And yes, you can change your vote. But I know what mine is.


i allllways forget the word pangea. i want one centered in yellow for suuuurrre


i dont care if it a good idea for a tee.... $4


christyjade, are you serious?

you'd want to support someone stealing someone else's work?


Dude, you are the biggest prick on threadless. How about you come up with an original idea then come back.


Love it! I vote for Placement 1


uh oh. draw it yourself and make it really sketchy and you've got a real threadless design. cool concept, it's just not YOUR cool concept.


Ok. We should all understand plagiarism is wrong. We should also inform those, like ScottlandsMistake, to not plagiarize. However, there is absolutely no need to use name-calling as a medium to express how "dumb" or "prickish" someone is.

Scott, I like the idea, but I would also have to agree that this particular design is a no go.
It would have been better for you to have created your own image of Pangea. After all, it existed before clip-art did.


People keep voting $0, but that's a zero with a buy, isn't it? A plain old zero should suffice...


wow...seriously, 1) its done very poorly. and 2) who cares about pangea....99% of ppl wouldnt get it either.



screw all of you, i'd buy it!




It'd look good on brown.


speaking for myself, if this were the only designe he simply lifted and pasted, I would agree namecalling was unnecessary. But this is most likely the third. Why should he get $1,000 for finding a website, lifting a photo and posting it here? Shit, let me get in on that!

For doing it not once, but THREE times, he's a bit of a prick in my book... just my opinion.


Why would you even consider placement 2? It adds nothing to this particular design. Not that it is a great design centered either.

Oh, and MR_DAVE, I hope to all that is holy that less than 99% of people wouldn't "get" the aspect of Pangea. What school did these 99% go to in which Pangea would be a foreign concept?


dont see the point?!?!

Square Bob

Errm not sure what to say about this really. for me there is no concept just an image of a globe that has had bits badly erased by using magic wand in Photoshop.

It's not exactly original and has no style or execution to it.
For me it's just not what this site is about. and when you look at some of the submissions on here daily...

well it just doesn't cut the mustard im afraid.


good idea, bad look.. obsessed with the pangea thing


to0 bad about the plagerism thing.....otherwise a good idea....if it were original


Wow, it's a shame this was just copied and pasted.
If you'd actually redrawn the image yourself we'd probably have avoided this whole plagiarism name-calling business.
'Cos really, if someone draws the outline of a country - copying it from a map - you can't really call it plagiarism. I wouldn't, at least.


I like it. Who cares if other people don't understand it...?


if only i read comments, i would have given a '0' now that its over, i cant change my vote.. i gave it a '3'

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