• by isaac55
  • posted Apr 10, 2007

I want this shirt in a long sleeve, but I'm always hesitant about long sleeves because I'm a tall guy (6'5) and have long arms... so usually I need to buy shirts that'd be ordinarily too big for me just to accomodate for that fact. Can't say I really want to buy an XL or 2XL just for the arms then have it shrink and never wear the shirt again...

Watch this

The sleeves are so long on me that they easily cover all of my hand... but then, I'm a short girl, so that may not be helpful to you.

You could just roll up the sleeves so it doesn't look like they're too short for you.


You could always ask your mum or a tailor to cut it shorter and then resew it. But whatever floats your boat.


Thanks for the input guys

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