Save leliophelia's cat!

Hey Guys,
i know its a long time since ive made a appearence on these forms but a close friend of mine needs some help.
You know her as leliophelia
Her cat is really sick and she doesn't have the money to cover the vet bills. If any of you have any way to help this is what she wrote earlier today about him:

Toulouse is really sick. We (me and the emergency vet I took him to yesterday) don't know what's wrong.

Here are his symptoms:

-little to no eating
-little to no drinking
-not um, pooping
-lost weight
-black poop
-slightly enlarged kidneys
-not himself at all
-uncomfortable/pain in the abdomen

The vet bill was $410.03. Of course, I'd pay as much as needed to see him better. He's only 9 months old and an exceptional cat and very very dear to me. I couldn't stand to lose him.

Some good news is that today he seems a little better. He finally ate some tuna (wouldn't touch his dry food), and I got him to take a few licks of some tuna-flavored water.

At the emergency vet, they took x rays and found that his kidneys were slightly larger than they should be, but nothing else. They gave him an injection of fluids because he was dehydrated, and a couple of other drugs. They wanted to keep him overnight, but I can't afford any more. So we're doing outpatient care. I'm giving him amoxicillin and pepcid twice a day. I think that's helping.

Anyway, I hate to put this out there, but I am extremely low on money. I'm losing my job next Friday and don't have anything else lined up yet. I can only pay $90 of that bill. I had no choice but to overdraft my account and try to pay it off over time, since the vet demanded money up front. And my parents won't help.

If any of you feeling particularly generous, I would appreciate any donations to my paypal account: If you want to lend me money and have me pay you back later, that can also work.

I can't stand to lose Toulouse. I'm afraid he'll take a turn for the worse. Tomorrow, if he's not any better, I'm taking him to a vet. Money or no money... I don't know how I'll do it, but I can't lose him.


Watch this
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aw. i remember she used to post videos of him.


I am low on teh moneyz. Hope you can find some though- unfortunately, this might be hard cuz few people know you around these parts.



i remember her speaking so fondly of toulouse!


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i just sent a little donation, i hope it helps! i know how hard it is to deal with vet bills... i hope toulouse gets better quick!!



this is ridiculous
when sonmi's rats were ill everyone jumped right on to help
maybe it's just the timing...or that leliophelia hasnt been on as much these days

best of luck getting the money
ill try to figure out somehow to help!



i was thinking the same thing kerrn :/

but i knew julia could relate

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i definitely can

it's probably because it's late right now, this should definitely be bumped in the morning!


If anyone doubts my honesty the can email leliophelia at the above address. She was rather popular on this site and i know a good number of people probably care about her/her cat.

There is one emergency place that will take them but you have to sign away ownership to the cat. the cat will be put up for adoption if its saved and your not allowed to apply to keep the cat. this is to prevent people from taking advantage of the free care. i know this would be a last resort for kelly.


Thanks you guys! ill be sure to bump this in the morning


ill def be on bump patrol



bah im having issues setting up a paypal account
but i am working on it

i know how hard it is to lose a pet
im currently going through the process of letting go of my cat zeb that ive had for 11 years

best of luck



this makes me really sad. i will help out a some, too. (i feel for you because my boyfriend had two kittens, and one of them got really sick and showed a lot of those symptoms...but the vets couldn't really pin it down, it was just from her being young and not having good immunities. i don't want you guys to lose him as we did.)

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I'm sorry to hear about Toulouse... And I'm sorry to hear about your little guy Kerrn. :(

I'll check and see if I can help... even just a little bit. Unfortunately I got laid off last Thursday and need to file for unemployment.


Thank you guys for helping out. ill have update on Tolouse later today after my classes


poor thing. Maybe he ate that tainted cat food-they say some dried foods were made with the flour that was tainted. I've been unemployed for 5 monthes and barely able to cover my own bills otherwise my Tazo and I would help. I'm so sorry.


thank you for caring
she doesnt think he ate more that a few bites of the tainted food dut with more being added daily its hard to really know.


Aww, poor cat! I sent a little something... wish I could send more. Hope he gets better soon!

whisper in water

I sent a little bit too. I hope more people contribute to this because nobody can really afford a lot, but if a lot of people pitch in a little it might be good enough...


Every little bit helps. thank your for that! She is already over 200 dollars in debt right now from vet care but 5 dollars from 40 people would be enough to change that
tolouse is doing a little better today. he is finally eating some tuna and is more attentive.


you guys are fantastic! Really, I'm very touched that so many of you have donated. Every little bit helps. And thanks Nat for posting this. :)

Toulouse is doing better, thank goodness. He's been gobbling up the tuna I give him and he's bouncing around. He's got his energy back and his fur even looks better (you know how when a cat is sick, his fur looks scruffy). I'm so happy that he's improving. I'm still holding my breath, but it looks good.

That doesn't change the huge debt in my pocket, though, but he does help that I probably won't need to add to the bills. Right now I'm $275 close to reaching that $410 the vet charged to my account.

Thanks again everyone! I'll post on my blog as well about this.


hey leliophelia, awesome news to hear about your cat doing better.

maybe you can make donating a competition? whoever donates the most gets a design from you or some such.




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