• by becca228
  • posted Apr 09, 2007

I actually just bought this t-shirt. I was all excited about it and showed a couple of friends the design, and they said it was creepy. So it hasn't even arrived yet and I'm nervous. It still makes me smile every time I look at it (the hamburger is adorable!), but should I worry that everyone I know will be weirded out? Or should I just say fuck 'em and wear what makes me happy?


Watch this

it makes me feel funny inside fuck'em wear it with pride


Who cares?
I think its supposed to be a little creepy, but in a cute way :3
I love it, personally and am thinking about buying it


Wear what makes you happy. I can't wait for them to reprint this in small guys...


yay, fwf is always fun!


It's you wearing it, not your friends. I think it's hilarious.


thanks, i totally love it. most people don't bother reading it, i'm just the girl with the giant hamburger on her shirt. lately i've been obsessed with food on shirts, so that suits me just fine. and the text is my happy little (non-)secret.


This is a cute shirt wear it!!
I have the shirt with the soap on it saying rub me on your butt and my friends love it..
I'm thinking about getting this myself. haha

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