please rate my shirts

hey please check out my new shirts, after not accepting damn near all of them they decided to take these ones and i am happy, and if you dont like the airplane one thats fine cause i just made it in 5 mins i figured it would make it

Watch this

or not thats cool,


Relax dude, people will vote on your submissions.

On a more critical note, I don't know what your motivations are to submit designs. I take it you'd want to see that people like your designs and actually want to pay money to wear them on their chest, right? Since all of your designs look rushed, I'd advice you to take sufficient time to come up with a more solid concept, rather than just throwing random stuff together and submitting it (or it just appears that way to me).

I like your 'Stars and Scythes' concept, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired, you might want to try that one again, but design and draw the shapes yourself this time, I'm sure it will make it much more interesting.


i find that to be funny, when i do take my time and spend time on my designs they dont get past the initial judging before they put them on the site, so i try using simple and easy designs and then they take them, right now this is just a fun thing for me to do. I actually own my own clothing label and i do take my time and put a lot of effort into that, this is more of just a fun outlet for simple designing for me.

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I honestly pisses me off when all of these 'designers' say 'I did this in 5 minutes' or 'I was bored' or 'this is based on some crap i doodled in a corner of a notebook 10 years ago'.

There's happy coincidence when a simple, random design just WORKS, and then there's wasting everyone's time on here.


well this isnt a waste of my time this is just a creative outlet for me......when i cant think of anything to do for myself i design on here and simplicity is key in almost all designs so out of this i get ideas for other things as well, i have already started revamping my heart shirt and the stars shirt cause i got a better idea after submitting it. this isnt just a thing where i go well this sucks so lets post it, its like hey i cant think of anything lets have fun and see what happens


I give them about a 7.5/10, and that's pretty good.


thank you very much even if you give it 0 all i truly ask for is creative critism

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I'll start with One More.
It is clearly a photo with a filter applied to it. Therefore, you really did about 2 minutes of actual work, unless you weren't sure which filter you wanted to use and tried a few before settling on photocopy. Also, it really looks like there is a gradation of tones which you haven't resolved. It isn't made up of hard graphical shapes, which it needs to be. The graphic is placed poorly, cutting off his arm and legs. Minimal work was put into this one, and you will get minimal results.

Broken is a little better design wise, and your use of the needles and the way the heart is broken with the drop shadow start to move away from the triteness that is the heart design over the heart. You're colors give it kind of a medical feel, which I see relating to the needles. Now, work on the placement of your objects to try and improve. I don't like where the heart is broken. The top right part of the red heart piece has that little tiny square edge sticking out. It's irritating.

Flying in peace----- too much of the same thing. The same cloud repeated twice and the same plane repeated 3 times, allll the same size. it wouldnt be too hard to make another completely different cloud, and the difference of the two would help. Also, change the sizes of the planes, possibly. Something to make this look less like you plopped down some clipart and said DONE!

I really can't think of much to say about the other two. Stars and sythes is a sort of crest/emblem, so symmetry is sort of expected, but again all 3 stars are the same size (although its better they are overlapped as they are). The bug bomb one just doesn't make much sense to me. Bombs fly, so you gave it wings. Bombs hurt people, so put a broken heart on it. The text says relax, so is this supposed to be some anti-war statement?

Overall, your work is very rough. You need to get away from using the straight photos in your designs. Use them as references. Think about your designs and what message you are trying to portray with them, and then figure out how you can best do that. After you are done, do more. Look at it and figure out what can be improved.

Also, please elaborate on your "own clothing label."


Well, I did give you some creative critism earlier, really ;)

For all the rest I agree with kevindujour, all of your designs got this clip-art, 'trace bitmap' feeling and are poorly executed (e.g. I also noticed that tiny edge on top of the heart, those are mistakes that can easily be prevented if you take some more time).

But you've made me curious about which of your submissions didn't get through the initial judgement now. I know your profile picture didn't make it through and I can see why, because it just isn't good. On the other hand, I don't think it's worse than some of your current submissions, so I have no idea what treshold they use, before something gets submitted. I wouldn't worry about it too much anyway, because those are the same people that decide in the end which of the higher scoring designs get printed, so if they wouldn't like yours to begin with, what are the odds that the majority of voters will like it?

And yes, please do elaborate on your own clothing label.


awww guys do you really think he has his own clothing label? just look at hist comments, his designs.. his presentation and shit.


Dude, I just checked how I voted for your designs, I had given them all either a 1 or 0. Dude, I agree with kevindujour and Remster. Your work is very clip art like and obviously traced from photos using filters.

People have been comenting on how the standard of submissions have dropped over the last couple of months and I am sad to say it is due to designs like these. These that use clipart/symbols/photos as they are without even trying to use them creative ly.

Overall Harmsway, very poor. My advise would be to pick up a pencil. Even bad drawings can make better art than reusing symbols and clipart.

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When every design you do gets shot down in less than 24 hours, it's time to actually use or develop some design skills instead of relying on the off chance that maybe one of your ideas was good and you didn't realize it.

And by 'wasting time' I meant OUR time. I don't much care about your time. All 4 minutes spent making these 5 shirts.


Got a URL for that clothing label? I would love to visit your site.


wow some of you guys really are just out to hurt people, i really do appreciate the comments made by remster and kevin. And to the person who actually asked if i have my own clothing label, i do. If you think i am wasting your time then dont post anything. I dont have a url yet to my clothing site because it is still in design phase. I will have a website up sometime during late summer. Also, thanks for the creative comments i appreciate it.


like i was saying earlier i use this site for fun, like a creative outlet for simple designs that could be better later especially when people want to give comments how how to better it. Actually all the shirts besides the crappy bomb one and the stars one oh yeah and the heart which are now only 2 of them. were actual pictures. For the people who do give critism other then those are shit or damn you suck i appreciate it and you guys/girls are going to help me become a better designer becauser right now i am just learning i actually employ designers that are art majors. I would love to be able to design my own stuff but like i said i am just learning and this is the site that i am using to do so.


oh yeah and the clipart comments thanks, i am really going to try to stop using guys are right i need to be a bit more creative.

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