hello, i like it, its just a bit HEAVY!

Watch this

Losed the "heavy metal text"

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There is not one ounce of flow to this layout. Wait, it's not even a layout. You could have at least tried to alter those standard AI splatter marks to make them more your own. Since when are coolers made of metal and since when does anyone mosh to it? I am sorta laughing at the top dude's hair- looks like Randy's from Lamb of God.


There's too much going on here. It would help if you could edit the content a bit. Also, the "metal" should be something obvious that dosen't require the word "metal" or the "it's so heavy" bubble. You explain the punchline too much. Interesting concept, but you hit us over the ehad with it. Needs more subtlety.


I very much like your dancing guy. Although you really don't need the text explaining the t-shirt. Like, hmm this is a box of metal, and its heavy. Then in case they didn't get THAT subtle, subtle reference, theres a huge HEAVY METAL!. I think it's unneccesary, but it's a great idea. The text really ruins the magic of this shirt. i LOVEE the bottom though. I'd 5 that alone.


Okay, there are two tshirt designs going on here. What is all that nonsense on the bottom? Everything from HEAVY METAL! on down needs to be gone. Nice looking, but like everyone said, way too much going on.


I agree, this is two different shirts at once. Also, fix the obviously copy&paste guitars [even the grunge around them is the same!!] And get rid of the big text.

Alexandra Marie

The "metal" looks like a cooler.
And lose the text for sure.


the idea is really funny and original
but i agree thats its made too obvious.
still, 4 for a really clever idea.

Haggis Mc Toaster

thanks for teh feedbakc i cant realy edit it now cna i


This looks like three distinct design ideas shuffled together. I think this is one of those "less is more" things.

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