Hey Guys,

Just thought I'd let you know that there is a sale on at Zing Clothing.


I have just updated the site and the sale is on till the end of June. Nothing like Threadless, but it keeps me busy and out of trouble.

Watch this

Any ideas on how I can improve my site dudes? Should I change my design style slightly? not sur what needs tweaking but I know it's something.


Hi Guys,

Is there anyone willing to comment on my website please.. I could really do with on outside opinion.



Any takers on offering their advice??? Please...

I have fairly think skin and can take it if you don't like it...

I just need some sort of crit please..


Why does it go directly to women's tees? That will make men quickly close the page, also when you do realize that there are men's tees you can't click on the text that tells you it's on page two. The design doesn't' add anything visually and it doesn't function well either. It is clean, and simple which is nice, but simple works best when the design becomes transparent enabling the user to intuitively navigate the site. The biggest problem is I can't even tell what's printed on the t-shirts. Even when I click on one it takes me to a page that barely enlarges the design. I wouldn't buy something that I can't even tell what it is. Sorry if this was harsh, but you practically begged for it.


Thank you for your respose. I do appreciate it and as I said, I have fairly think skin.

Part of the problem is that a company called equisto prints my tees and controls the main shopping cart and store functions. The logo and menu on the left is obviously my own work. but the shop is limited the fuctionality given by equisto. So I can't divide my designs in to mens and ladies categories. I have tried to keep my mens and ladies on 2 pages but have tried to indicate to my customers that I do have mens tees to. Maybe I should giveup trying to keep them apart and jumble them up so people can tell their is something for everyone.

The problem with the design being small... When you go into each item you can click thumbnails for back and front, but the image link is just below the thumbs as text and is not obvious that there are larger views of the image available. This is annoying.

I had previously designed my own site completely where you just had to roll over the tee to see the enlaged pring on both the thumbnail view and the main view, but I couldn't convise equisto to try link to that.

As this is just a hobby, I don't want to fork out the money of bulk ordering but I do want to share my designs with all those who wish to support me in my efforts.


I meant to also say that I can't link to pages within the shop as equisto hvae hidden all the coding for that so I don't know rwhat the link is. I would link to "mens" and "ladies" from my own menu if I could see the hrefs for those links


sounds like you need to find a new supplier and dump equisto


i did have a different one but they were so expensive and firstly told me all tax was included and then decided in wasn't so I was left wist less than £1.00 profit per t. That wasn't worth the effort. With equisto, once your designs are up there they handle eveything from taking payment to printing and posting. Ideal for someone like me who has a different full time job. The only down side is that they make 8 weeks of interest on my money before I get it. Swines! But like I said.. it's just a hobby.


hi! i'm writing from spreadshirt - so it's not an entirely objective view - but it still seems that it would be a better option for you than equisto. spreadshirt has the same sort of shop system, but with a more dynamic shop: customers see actual photos of the products, and what the shirt would actually look like in different sizes & colours and with unlimited commissions, free set-up, .

in any case, they are really great designs. best of luck!


And you might want to optimize it for other browsers than IE or whatever you are using. I use Apple's Safari browser and believe me, the site is messy. I can provide you with a screenshot if you want one.


Aktaion, I hope you're out there today, yes please... if you could give me a screen shot that would be great. My contact details are on my website


I have just opened my new shop and closed the old... A few new designs and a special offer for July! Let me know what you think.


Just thought Id let you all know I have updated my site yet again...

I am working on a gimmick which will hopefully keep customers coming back for more...

Mr Rocks
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Strawbs, I just sent you an email, but wanted to thank you again for the positive speil you gave about mt latest submission.

Thanks all over again...


Hey Everyone,

It is end of sale day today over at Zing Clothing! All prices go up by £2.00 buy the end of tomorrow. So get in there quick!!!!



concerning the website, the banner needs lots of work. The choice of colors isnt the very best. Models of people actually wearing the clothing to advertise is a big plus. Also im not liking the layout too much.


Thank Kens. I have sent sometime over the next couple of weeks to work on the site, so you will see an improvement soon

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