Hate Crime

  • by McCloudI
  • posted Apr 06, 2007

It's not good. But it happens

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It's not good. But it happens


Seen something very like this before - a pawn with badass glasses and a massive gun.

Put the King in a passing Cadillac, and the pawn on a grassy knoll, and you're onto a winner!


hehehe this reminds me of an episode of Balls of Steel...hehe i like x


I just like it. You can think about from a hundred different angles. Plus it's a well done illustration.


a hundred? i doubt it...


This shirt is ... ah, nevermind


needs a better colour


while I'm positive it was unintentional, the race thing does come to mind (I hadn't really thought about it until I saw that other post, but still.) This would be an awesome design if you messed with the colors of the pieces.


omg i would buy that shirt in a heart beat


I agree with meaganfifer. Very nice.


oh , why does everything need to be about races? Chess pieces are BLACK and WHITE, people. If you had a white piece shooting a black piece, that would be racist too.
It's a great design, well executed (...heh.) but i think the shirt colour could be played with some more, it's too dark, I think.


I think the racial undertones obviously WERE intended, hence the title.

I think it's a wonderful design, but perhaps not very Threadless friendly?


I like it...but not sure about the size and position of the picture ;).


It was meant as a joke. There is definitely a hint of humor at racism here because they are only pieces. I am not a racist and I don't want to start a controversy over a useless t-shirt design. Sorry if anyone is offended.


Nice design, but the background colour is a bit blegh.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

reminds me of an old design of mine but you managed to avoid some of teh problems that I ran into


Wullagaru, that's such a constructive and useful comment!
Just like mine.


Great design. Can we see more colors?


well i gaveit a 5


just tweak it. Was it intentional that the white piece has the cross, and the black piece looks like Darth Vader?


No it wasn't intentional. That's just how the white king is and I put the blue highlights because I thought it looked good. But a Darth Vader pawn is a pretty sweet idea!


I really like it. And I don't think anyone who knows much about chess will think about any racist undertones... I certainly didn't until I read the above comments. The shirt is funny, and it really works the nerdage, but I might like it a little better on the dark brown or navy.


No. the un-PC implications are too disconcerting.


I like it.. but too many people will see the pawn/king as a race thing... Different colors could take that away.. I like it though... Just fuzzy on the.. you get the point...


You're white and you see it one way.

He's black and sees it another way.

Doesn't make either wrong or right. Everybody bring their own life experiences to the party.


ha ha ha ha. liked it.


The whole racist allegation about this sub is totally lame.


This should be bigger. And it's not racist, if this shrt were racist then the entire game of chess would be racist. And checkers too, for that matter. And anything with black and white pieces. Anyway, I love it, just make it bigger on the shirt.

spires profile pic Alumni

The dark pawn shoots the white king? No racial onvertones here.

Thing is, I think it's hilarious!


This should be bigger. And it's not racist, if this shrt were racist then the entire game of chess would be racist.

Do they use guns in the real game of chess? yeah, sorry to say I think the inclusion of a gun here takes it to a different level... but whatever...


how the hell is this racist who r u al sharpton......no matter what piece shots what piece ud think its racist people like you should go die.....its a great shirt go play chess 5$ (^_^)/


wait a sec, the designer said that there was racial humour intended, how it's received doesn't change the racial overtones of the shirt. It's on the same lines as if i designed a shirt with a black pawn hanging from a noose with a white king or pointy headed bishop standing by...


no its not at all u idiot........so no matter how the peice was ud think its racist......white people cant do anything right.......blacks casues controversy


if the colors where reversed, it would sort of allude to martin luther king being shot. that was lame, but i like the shirt.


Love. Whoever saw this and immediately thought "racism" is a wee bit conditioned. I saw it and thought, "Wow, badass pawn."


wow, i didn't think about racism at all until i read that.
i think it'd fair better if it were between pieces of the game Clue, because they have a gun and there was a crime, y'know?


a junkie kicking off the white lady. or Ann Coulter's recurring nightmare.

by scale the queen was quite young. and the pawn might have accomplice(s). maybe Henry VIII. strong placement, somber color.


if the other chess piece was armed then I don't think this would be an issue, but that's not the case. the notion that you think blacks cause controversy makes you the idiot pokerronin.


That king got pawned. Haha. $5


great, make it bigger

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