Yin Yang Fish

Yin Fish and Yang Fish....please feedback to make this the best if you were to wear it. thanks!

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Wicked Truffy

Yin Fish and Yang Fish....please feedback to make this the best if you were to wear it. thanks!


eyeballs should be opposite colors for contrast like the yin yang.


i agree about the eyes...it's cute, i like it on white


very cool
i gave it a 4
change theeyes
and its almost perfectt


Change the eyes, desing is a bit big on the shirts, I think it would look better smaller.


when i look at the the fin on the side of the fish looks like a tongue...confused me for a second! i like it :D


The black lines are a little too thick. They emphasize the circle too much, and you miss the fish. I like the colors and the idea.


HAHAHA! TongueFin...

Switch the eyes, tone down the outline, and we have a winner. 4.


Yep. Eye switch = money from my wallet. Just not on gold or grey.


I think this design should be smaller and maybe not in the center.


first ying yang design I'ev seen that didn't make me want to spoon my eyes out

Wicked Truffy

Thanks for your comments. Will make amendments accordingly...


cool man, my friends designed a sweet tattoo thats kinda the same idea good one


this really f*&ks w/ my eyes


it looks like it's staring at me.


I don't like the pattern. It looks like a fill and doesn't follow the shape of the fish at all.


Great design. Please fix the eyes!


You know, the complementary colors would have meshed a lil better.


i would make the scales a bit more subtle... or as stardance points out: more realistic. but it's a neat concept, for sure.


Nice design, nasty colours. 4


i like the contrasting colors, but, yeah, it would look better with red fish /blue eyes and blue fish/red eyes.
i'm not sure about any of the colors you've put it on... the blue is the best out of the three. hm. maybe a darker grey. overall, i like it though. woot!


Change ze eyes! 4$ until then. :3


i agree with the eye thing,and i would totally wear it


stardance is right; the scales do look like fill. they should follow the contour of the fish.


Yeah, the pattern should be tweaked, plus it makes the two seperate fish kind of run together, despite the different colors.

Of course, that's part of the point, I guess.

Bla bla bla, eyes, I agree.


It's a little hard to tell where all the details are--the eye kinda mixes in with the scales and makes it look like...a weird-looking scale. Try making the eyes a little different. And the scales themselves look like you used a texture brush--they're not curved, like the fish. If you curved them, it might make the eyes naturally easier to see. :)

Wicked Truffy

Actually the scales were done this way as a part of the design...like the japanese carp.

Matt of 7and34

Awesome! I agree with the comment about the alternate eye color, and then I think it would be perfect.

The username Robi is taken

Crazy, I think an eye colour change would work wonders. As for the scales, maybe its not a matter of following the shape of the fish, but rather flipping their direction. They're running the wrong way on the fish's bodies.


this is funny, i'd buy it, i can't stop looking in fascination.

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