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  • posted May 18, 2006

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Ask the artist yourself, it wasn't for shock. It's just a good illustration.

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i love it and i bought it, though i understand if you can find it personally offensive. there's always someone out there ready to take offense at pretty much every design on here. as a designer it's near impossible to be considerate of every culture on the planet so you only have two choices: design nothing and avoid upsetting anyone, or design what you feel like and be prepared to accept criticism.
and i wouldn't call this nudity. she has her nipples covered and is therefor more modest than a lot of traditional goddess images.


i bought it. :)


i wouldn't buy it and I didn't.

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tape crossed nipples predate Pink. the first instance i can recall off the top of my head was Alicia Witt in Four Rooms.


I'm not saying it's not a well drawn illustration, it doesn't 'offend' me as much as makes me wonder if it's ok to use a picture of the Virgin Mary, tweak it so it's roots a recognizable but not a spitting image and then sex it up on a t-shirt.

Anyone who looks at this and compares it to traditional images of Indian goddesses [in the context of nudity] in my opinion has not researched Indian art, history or culture to any extent nor has traveled and seen this artifacts first hand. I do not think they are comparable, really it's like comparing those mall t-shirts [that we all seem to agree to dislike] with the goddess Swarasvati on them and trying to say they are really not as offensive as the nude statues of Sun Temple in Konark - people it's not how naked she is, it's not about how much nip is showing, it's about the concept we're looking at. Is it offensive? Perhaps not, does it annoy me? Yes, and that has nothing to do with the skill of the designer.


oh well.....you can't like EVERYthing, can you?

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so if they're so incomparable why did you make that distinction? it's clearly not traditional hindu art nor an accurate depiction of a hindu god so isn't it making a big jump to say it's an offensive representation of something you claim it has no connection to?
i was raised a catholic and personally i couldn't care less if people want to mock the virgin mary. there's a lot to be said for not taking yourself too seriously.

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seriously .. I was raised catholic and yet I still made teh jesus horse design .. its all in fun d3d is right if you cant laugh at youself then what can you laugh at ?


I made that distinction because I felt it was an important point, as what the image roots from is still very evident. Since you apparantly didn't read my last comment all the carefully, I'll repeat the fact that I AM NOT OFFENDED by the image, I just dislike the use of the religious reference in the context which it is in.

Good for you for not being concerned with what happens with images from a religion you were raised with, but to me it's not just about religion but about culture - a point I've expressed before. I don't need to share your opinion, you like the shirt, then wear it without having to continue arguing over it.

Really though, if you didn't take yourself so seriously and that you are a designer you would stop coming back to post about this topic now wouldn't you?


just wanted to say that i saw four rooms today and that scene reminded me of this shirt. haha

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there was a lot of buzz around this shirt today and it was pissing me off so i'm sorry if i wanted to defend the design on behalf of the artist.

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I think it's a very fair complaint, and for a change, at least intelligently argued. I still like the design but I respect your views to the contrary.

Though in Rocks defence I agree that it wasn't for shock value. I mean I'm familiar with some Indian art and it's not uncommon for certain deities, like Kali for example, to be depicted topless.


even if it was for shock value, A LOT of art is done for that. I haven't been to MoMA but I've heard stories heh


I didn't find the MoMA to be all that shocking, actually


I'm glad we can all agree to disagree ^_^
I was really torn on posting any comment on this shirt at all because I do like the style of the artist.


Check out the shirt "JC was a streaker".

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