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I am new to Threadless, and while not a professional illustrator or art student or anything, I am pretty handy with the old cartooning / t-shirt making, and I'm kind of spilling over with ideas to submit.

I was just wondering, though - what computer-based illustration programmes do people use? Am I gonna have to become well-up on Adobe Illustrator just to sub a design? Or are there simpler, more intuitive design programmes out there?

I would ultimately prefer to do black and white outlines by hand, and then colour in by computer, but scanning tends to make black pen come out brown, and grainy, and difficult to fill in or clean up.

Any tips would be REALLY appreciated.

Thanks guys.


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if you can get your hand on photoshop and illustration that's your best bet. You can fix the problems your having with your scans in photoshop. if you like drawing by hand look in to getting a wacom tablet.

good luck


Cheers man - anyone have any other tips?

Looked at those wacom tablets and they look great, but they're damn expensive. Might have to save up for a while...


Yeah - I got Illustrator, and even a book on how to use it.

I just haven't had time to do much yet. That's my life, I guess.

Thanks for your help though - I'll put something out there one day. For the meantime, check my Doodles Blog.

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