Not that I'm one to go about calling these things, but I'm bored, so I might as well. Doesn't this seem a bit...I dunno, racist?

Watch this

thats the exact thought that came to my mind when i first saw the design. you're absolutely right


get a f*cking grip. Both of you.


You're racist for thinking of it.


I think it just seems weird that he's hanging up there.


If you think that a bunch of white guys peeping out through wholes in sheet-like clothing while hanging a black guy is racist, then you've been... paying too much attention to history. And anyway, everyone knows that history is written by the victors - which means - nothing in this context. Or does it? No, nothing... Or does it?

Alternatively, this could just be a representation of this persons subconscious desire to string up small, Emoesque people, which is not racist, and may be considered, frankly, a damn good idea... Or is it?


i meant whole holes - is there any other kind?


PEOPLE. just an immediate thought that came to minds. calm down.

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