The Ins And Outs Of Berlin(s)

this is my first submission, a summary on my thoughts on the U.S. nah you guys are great

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this is my first submission, a summary on my thoughts on the U.S. nah you guys are great


I really love it, but it took me a minute to realize what all of the towns said because the font is a bit small, but if you fix that I'd wear it!


I think it's a nice shirt and good enough to wear, but I wouldn't buy it.


penny for your thoughts...what are you saying about the west? don't even get me started.... Really cool concept. I dunno if the states are geographically accurate but they're close enough and WTF is up with florida?

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

so .... we likey the berlin in the east -


ya, what's up with the west?


hey there isn't a damn thing wrong with the east!

... is there really a berlin, new jersey? wow.

great shirt.


change florida to look like florida and i would prob buy it


does it matter that it's new berlin in wisconsin?


i have friends in berlin, oh


but it's pronounced more BER-lin than ber-LIN


I used to live in Greenville, SC...check how many states have that one....we steal the land from Natives and steal the names from ourselves....Viva La Us!


do springfield or lincoln. that will fill the map up :p


It would be more clever with out saying "The East of America has a..." I mean that is obviously your point and it is better if it were subtle.


Yeah do Springfield, lol.

Alexandra Marie

Dude, you butchered my state.
Florida needs some serious lovin'.


Hahaha, cool design


what can i say, people just like being berliners ... or jelly donuts as kennedy would say.

Pink Lace

No Berlin PA?
Yessssssssssssssss!moutha fucka'sssssss. :D


so they're really no berlins out west? this intrigues me.


reminds me of the movie war games with matthew broderick.


there are maybe no berlins in the east because the germans didn't make it that far :D


it just happens that all the berlins in the states are in the east, none in the west, which is intriguing. consult wikipedia if you're not sure. and sorry about florida, it's difficult to get the detail with a thick line tool.


Berlin, New Hapshire actually changed the pronounciation of the towns name during world war II.


I think somebody prolly already said it, but this would be better with like springfield

its a pretty roxsome design tho


NH has a lot of towns pronounced differently from their more famous counterparts (which in some cases are actually countries, i.e. lebanon) but that has nothing to do with anything, I like this design bc my states (NH and MD) are represented!


Because Texas is really in the East


. . . but I want to worry about Florida.
You make it look like a used condom.


Yeah...your Florida looks really out of whack. It's supposed to vaguely resemble a phallus - I should know, I live near the tip of it ;D

CW Saton

Very nice mate. :)


I think using Berlin is wonderful, but Florida does need a fixing and I think the sarcasm would be really wonderful if you said 'The East of America has a lot of imagination".

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Lucky for Michigan, we changed our Berlin to something else.


this is A.MA.ZING!


huh.. a lot of berlin in the US of A than in Germany?


what about springfields? there's one in 47 states?

oh i get it... it's a political jab at the states. paralleling the east and west germany's of yesteryear and todays divided america.


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haha, fun... I thought I should mention that I used to live in New Berlin, Wisconsin.... does that one count?


Even though Florida is a little messed up, it's recognizable. I really like this design!


LOL. 5!


to answer a few peoples questions, i chose berlin (and not springfeild etc) because a few friends and I are making a zine about berlin and this design features in it, i thought it would look pretty bang-up on a t shirt. but yeah, my florida does suck.


yeah berlin was a good choice... and not greenville

(cause i live 25 mins from g-ville and it SUCKS)

springfield would make a good shirt too, you could do that

btw bobby your comments suck, you've been here 1 day and you're the authority?! wtf mate...even if you dont have designs lets see some critiques before you act like an asshole.


Well, about two-thirds of Americans won't buy this shirt!

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