I'll show jonny five robotic moves

I had this idea for robots to show breakdancing robotic style .

Watch this
bmx bandit

I had this idea for robots to show breakdancing robotic style .


dude i havent seen jonny 5 in years!! totally rad!


number johnny five!

lonely puppet

I'd buy this...it makes me think of Ollie North & New Coke.


"jonny 5 come alive!" I'd buy this

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Haha, very cool!!

bmx bandit

hello people I did this design for the threadless comp, kickin it old school. I tried to include some themes from my experience of the 80s and put it with a breakdance scene. I finally got a laptop and software and look forward to playing around with more designs in the future. Thanks for the comments I really appreciate feedback good or bad,take it easy liam


nice T , love it ,but can you dance? .


dunnowhat johnny five isbutthistlooks cool. my space bar has clearlyexploded.


Johnny Five is ALIVE! :-)


you can't compete w/ Johnny Five


i like this shirt...it makes me wanna bust out the cardboard


You done it again another blinder! 5 outta 5 for the bandit x


i want a bigger picture. have any?

bmx bandit

I dont know what you mean atomicpower. If you mean a bigger image that could be sorted.

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