where do all those mysterious lost socks go?

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where do all those mysterious lost socks go?


Meh. Placement? I like the cow. What's that leaking out of the bottom of the carton? A lot of the text is hard to read. Needs work.


I think it's a shadow, not a leak.


Fix the shadow and you get a four.


and spell laundrOmat correctly :P

The Xerox

I really like the design, but I'm not so sure about the placement...

oh isuzu...

like it bet on red.

love this idea.
love this shirt.


fix up spelling and maybe size to make the text easier to read, and i love it!


Much lower placement, say bottom left, and a longer, darker shadow. And for some reason I want the cow to be winking at me. I need to get out more...


haha, I like the idea


2% milk always looks blue when my girlfriend puts it on her cereal. That's why I only drink whole milk.

Spell LAUNDRYMAT however you want. Make the shadow longer. Provide a whole milk option. Then $5.

FUGGIT. $5 anyway..!


Not a bad idea. Execution could have been better.


I think you've overstated... You really only need to say MISSING with the picture of the sock. That would be enough. Funny though I give a 4!


I like everything except the placement. 3.

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