Give me a Warm Hug!

Give me A Warm hug baby but dont burn me!! Hehe...

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Wicked Truffy

Give me A Warm hug baby but dont burn me!! Hehe...


Awesome. Although the t-shirt colour is kind of plain. Maybe orange or something would be even better.


Ewwww, white? Not good. There are so many colors to choose from. I love the expressions on the matches, but is there some way you can make them look like they're actually moving, rather than just standing there with their arms out?


It's cute, but there is already something similar to this idea of dying matches, though not as comical, in print for threadless. In fact, I have the I'd be hard pressed to purchase this one unless it's dramatically different.


hahaha, that's great! i love how that one match is freaking out the other matches!


Yup to close to Hawk's Burnout


agreed to everything
this is awesome but: the match heads should be red or white
Shirt color should be: green blue or purple

I_ am_Moose

Great idea but not so good execution in my opinion.


the match heads look a little too much like blackface


and the matches look like they are in black face,

mammy love shortnin' ??? wtf?


This is great, I love how fire is like an STD for matches.


I doubt this will get printed because of burnout.


Would be great on colors other than white!!!

Graphics with matches are cool :D


Too close to Burnout. Let's try to be original next time, ok?

No go.


Great, but could do without the exclamation points!!!


would be better if fire match looked less it just wants a hug


I'd get rid of the puddle they're standing in so you don't use that color, then use white for the eyes, red for the match heads, make the scary match more sedate and then put it on a shirt color that I haven't really thought about yet. All that gets done and it's a great metaphor and a shirt worth buying.


I like it. But I'd have made the faces of the three "fearful" matches red.


Not on white [You should know better]


Also, I agree that it would be better if the fire match looked like it wanted a hug.

mezo profile pic Alumni

I also see blackface'd matches. Jigga what?


i like it. but its white.


try a vibrant blue

Wicked Truffy

Thanks for all comments and feedbacks! I like white t-shirt, but should have tried it on different colours for the design me tried to make it raw, but never thought it's a flaw...oopps!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is such a better idea than Burnout ever should get togther with that artist and let him have a crack at your idea and split the profits you would get from this automatically printed tee. Nice idea, just needs some execution work...

Wicked Truffy

haha...yeah....if he's ok with it! but "Burnout" in my opinion is more complete and the colour combination is good...Anyway, Thanks for all comments guys! Cheers!


it's a zombie match!!!!!!11!11!!11!omgshiftone!!111!!!1eleven!111!!!11!

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