CMY Kickin' It Old Skool

People didn't really like this in the critique stage but in true 80's spirit I'm submitting it anyways.

Who's bad.

Watch this

People didn't really like this in the critique stage but in true 80's spirit I'm submitting it anyways.

Who's bad.


Though plain, I still think it screams 80's. Plus it would be jokes to wear.


this is funny but completely unwearable.


The picture by itself doesn't do anything for me, but picturing the design on the shirt, I actually think it would look pretty awesome.


it screams emo, not 80s. sorry. maybe if the squares were bigger or if you put different colors on a black t-shirt. i don't know.


think it "screams 80s", actually. nice job. subtle. simple. effective


I hate threadless for allowing this through and not mine.


What was your design? Do you have a link? I'm curious on why they would turn a design down.

The term emo originated in the 1980s. Just givin' ya a heads up.


dude that is awsome!!!!! and i dont see emo in it at all??

killian katten

don't listen to victoria, she wasn't even around in the 80s, girl don't know what's up. i dig it.


I like it but it hurts my eyes 5


I remember a guy inking this exact pattern in his plain white Vans slip ons back in the day.. are YOU that guy? I like it, it definitely reminds me of the 80's.


No sorry I'm not "that guy". But thanks for the props.


im so over the whole 80's thing coming back.. so scene.. and so annoying. 16 yrs olds these days dont know anything about the 80s.. why dress or buy stuff from then?


Sorry guy, the contest is theme is all about the 80's so...


Oh, those colors SCREAM 80's!


I really like this. i think if the edges of the print were not straight, like stagger them so it looks a little bit more organic, and easier on the eye. you know what i mean?

Thomas S Magnum

I think it works bette on shoes...maybe just moving it a lil bit....


I agree with pinkcheese - I think that if the blocks were less obviously in a giant square it would be better. Maybe extend them up a bit around the neck/shoulders?

I like this idea, though. Fabulously simple.


woops that was me..umm yeah its pretty kool id wear it any day :D

Kojima profile pic Alumni

nice and simple


80s emo was sweet, so even if it is emo, it would still be cool in that sense.
anyways, i think it looks pretty cool, even if it is simple.


ahhh! seizure!

but very 80's. SO not emo.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

would like this on an AA tee with waterbased inks. simple and effective.


Ah the 80s. Doesn't anyone remember how crap the fashion was?

Nice shirt, I'd wear it for parody value :)


i like it!

it's really simple, which is a nice change from all those really complicated designs you get on here!


i think you should make the squares bigger make it caddy corner, and less ninety degree. you know? but id wear it. nice job hun.


You mean CYMK was invented in the 80's?!!

Ga. actually I gave this a 5 cuz i think it looks rad

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

haha, i'm totally diggin the title!


lol its me again.. i think i lurv it .. ... very stylish


yeah i think i like it...


I didn't think this was going to score so poorly, considering people emailed me saying they want me to print it regardless if it wins. :(

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