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I was wondering if any of you own XS and/or S hoodies that have been through the drying machine (on the lowest setting, of course). If you do, would you mind commenting on this post with the measurements?

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I wear a girly tee size medium, and I bought a hoodie in size small. After being in the dryer, it shrunk at bit width-wise and length-wise but still fits okay. I tend to like my hoodies fitted, but not suctioned to my body. A tad Loose, but still girly.

I tried on the size XS at American Apparel just for sizing and found it a bit tight in the chest area (and I'm not a super busty girl).


oops, i just realized that threadless doesnt print on american apparel hoodies. disregard my message, sorry!


I'd imagine that since they are for both males and females, that girls should go a size down. I wear a girly small and I am considering buying the XS.


i wear a girly small and the xs fits perfectly

funkie fresh
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this would have made an awesome zip up hoody!


i wear a large on shirts and got a small hoodie(its really fittedto my body, but sort of looks good). it does shrink somewhat, but if after every wash you stretch it wont shrink that bad. i would suggest that you get a small instad of a xsmall cause if$ it turns out being a little too big afer a few washes it will certainly shrink.

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