Little girl

Watch this

I'm liking this design! But I can't seem to work out what's happening. What's in her hand and what's on the floor? x

Robotic Moose

I don't think I'd want to wear that.


this definitely needs more definition...can't see the gun or guy.

Fletcher Fashion

I like it as it is. I got it immediately.
I also think that the gun and the man are supposed to be different from the girl. She represents innocence and the gun and the man represent evil and corruption. There needs to be contrast.


The design's not coming through enough. I say keep the shirt color as is, but lighten up the guy on the ground and the gun. Something about the way the gun is angled makes it not look like a gun to me. 4, with a $ if you touched it up a little.


nice idea, I like the innocence lost theme, but I agree that it's hard to make out that the guy is a guy.


its a nice idea but it ripped right from the screenshots at the 2k fourm...


...sorry the cult of rapture

schismal jimmy

it needs to be more defined...not necessarily more complicated just make it clear its a gun and a guy..mainly i think the shirt color is too dark


creepy cool but creeepppy. happy children with guns. eek


This like yet another design stemming from the Video game "Bioshock". Let's go for something a little more original.... sorry doesn't work for me.


er - "This looks like..."

Alezunde profile pic Alumni

Simeon, I hope you realize that this is for an ongoing Threadless competition for the video game "Bioshock."

poisedesign - Sorry, this shirt lacks creativity and it is directly ripped from screens of Bioshock. Try harder next time.

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