not quite asleep

  • by Iheartgus
  • posted Mar 24, 2007

i like the sheep...

Watch this

i like the sheep...


What does the center sheep on the white say? Relahorshe?


nah, it says "relationship"


i think the words should make more sense, or at least be related or something...
to me, they don't see to "go" together...


"School, Mistakes, work" -that's so my mind when I'm trying to get to sleep!
I might wear this as a night shirt. :) Maybe it would help me sleep. lol
cute sheep.


the sheep scare me.

Yabi Kuro

DEFINITELY on denim! I'm an insomniac and I've tried the sheep thing, and the aforementioned topics still sprung to mind. $5


I think I'd like it better if the words went - Work, Play, Sleep, School, Mistakes, Relationships. It'd be a more logical order. Cool idea though.


I like the idea, but I wish it had been done differently.


what about the ever popular "laundry, debt, hangover"?

noaheisenman profile pic Alumni

i dont like how they are all the exact same sheep cut and pasted with different words on them, make the sheep different too


I would have to agree with the above. Great idea for a nightshirt!


i wish the main part of the sheep wasn't ctrl+v'd


I like the idea, but putting the sheep in a straight row seem to give the illustration no energy -- shouldn't the sheep be jumping over a fence? Also I think the placement may be too low. I'd move them up about 3 inches, and make a couple jump a fence.


brilliant idea.


love the idea but the sheep are kinda funky looking.


i really like this....i would want some other words and more sheep, maybe wrapping around to the back. i also like the idea of jumping a fence, b/c that is typcially how it's done in cartoons and stuff.

a single sunbeam

This reminds me of Le Petit Prince.

"Dessine-moi un mouton!"


Hmm... the sheep are very cute! Definately make them jump.


Oh hey - you're right Sunbeam! That's exactly what I was "hmm"ing about! They reminded me of something adorable, and now I remember. Thanks!


the sheep faces are creepy/unpleasant. it would be better if they were happier and more dreamlike. agreed about one jumping a fence. and if the words made more sense together it would pull the concept together a lot more.


I like it. The sheep aren't putting you to sleep, they are keeping you up. They are all the distractions.

Very cool idea.

joolya profile pic Alumni

It's a funny concept, but the design doesn't work for me.

The torture of the sheep is a good idea, or The Violence of the Lambs


I like the design.
The point of counting sheep is it's monotonous and repetitive, so switching up the sheep design too much from sheep to sheep would eliminate that purpose and make it more confusing IMO.
Try to make it a bit darker on denim, and maybe make it interesting by having some sheep jumping a fence and others walking, like one up, then one down, etc.


great design, but the words don't really make sense the way they are placed...

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