Game Over!

Watch this

Good stuff..I'd buy it :P

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nice recreation of the controller, truly topnotch.

the vortex begs to extend a bit and "fade" out though, it looks like a wire mesh witches hat.

I can't repeat it enough though, great vector(?) art on the controller.


The controller looks great, but the wire becomes completely tangent with the control stick before it. It would be cool looking if they all stuck out maybe halfway between each stick, approximately.

Also agree about the vortex, a fade of some sort may be better.


i played an atair 2600 once and the graphics were the best i have seen in my life and still are


thats how i feel when i get GAME OVER. like i'm spiraling into a vortex of pain and nothingness.

total buy, perhaps a different color tee? all the colors are very mute and earthy looking...make the shirt a brighter color, or red/orange more vibrant.


Very Nostalgic!!!

Wicked Truffy

back to basic, gamers! hohoho....nice!


I love it!!


The Black Hole! Who else remembers being scared that a black hole was going to swallow us all (and that crappy movie)? hehehe...yep, this captures a moment in time for me!


Omg... old school, brings back memories lol... makes me feel old now lol...



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