Whoa. So I wore my shirt, Flowers In the Attic to the shop where my piercer works. One of the guys there wanted to see the scarification chestpiece we'd started the previous evening.

After I straightened my shirt, he said, "hey, I totally tattooed that on some guy. The girl was on his hip and the pink butterflies went up and around his back."

WHOA! If you are the person with this tattoo, I would love to see a photo.

If you have ANY Threadless tattoos I would love to see photos.

Watch this

my friend used to talk to this really annoying kid online who apparently got that tattoo on his forearm, but i didn't believe him, because every other picture he showed didn't have it. . .and he for some reason lied about having all his other tattoos.

but he showed us a picture of someone's arm with that tattooed on it.


i'd like to see the scarification chest piece your doing


Friend of mine painted it on his living room wall. Looks pretty good.


WOW that painting is awesome!


yeah, i wanna paint something like that on my wall. But, i just painted the walls in my home.


i saved a submission from here once and thought about having it tattooed, it was these elephants blowing heart bubbles..or something it sounds cheeze and i think i lost the picture but i really loved it


go to the tattoo section, Im the top right. there are a bunch of people with this tatto (12 cited I believe) get back to me at

pierced_nerd@yahoo . com


damn I thought I was going to be the first person to do that.

Haven't done it yet but I always thought some designs on threadless would make cool tats.


hey, whoah that's me with the panda tattoo..


ive seen the LITA tat at the shop i get my work done here in dallas texes.


I was at Darien Lake (upstate NY amusement park) today and saw a woman with this tattoo on her hip. I think the whole thing was red. I had no idea so many people had done the same.


Oh that's awesome! I love threadless, I see others do too :)

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Whoa! now you'll never have to worry about your shirt getting lost or ripped or stained.

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