Family Portrait.

Third Submission.

Watch this

not on white but loves it.


reminds me of edward gorey, i like it a lot. well done.


I like it a lot, but not on white. Dakota slate, perhaps?


color is an option,
I'd keep the inside of the frames and the people white.


Different placement, and different colors for the frames and shirt color.

But I like it a lot =]

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AWESOME! I'd love to see it printed, but please please please on a color other than white. Perhaps silver, pink... or even creme?


i love this.
although i agree the colors could do with tweaking, esp. the frames.
still, a fantastic job! $4

Comrade Corey

creme would be sweet. I dig it. $5


i got some stickers like this from a decemberists concert.


reminds me of Edward Gorey a little bit..

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Interesting, but there needs to be lots of refining. Especially in your line work- the stroke sizes are all over the place. I'd rather either see more detail in the frames, or have them be a solid fill so the portraits pop out more. Right now, it's the frames that catch the eye and not the cool figures within. I also think the people would benefit with more color.

Good now, with a potential to be great.


Man I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought Edward Gorey.


gorey was my inspiration.
and the stroke size is all over the place because I made all the portraits seperately and then put them on one template and didn't take the time to re-size them well enough.
Oh well.

Haste makes waste.


Try putting this on natural or gold... something.


Try again. Good idea. Fix the execution.


with more frames and people its a $5


I think it's an awesome design but not on white. Have maybe some kind of victorian wall paper or a good solid color.




I think on white its probably most effective but I still have urges for it to be on a grey or something old fashioned if colours even fit fashions...

Love the style and the concept.


hahaha great, but not on white.


I agree, reminds me A LOT of Gorey. A bit too bloody for me, but still I like it.


Made me burst into a round of Cell Block I the only one who looks at this and sees Chicago? $5 though


it's cool, but why didn't you put the image on the shirt? I don't know why it seems like it would make a difference...


I'm lazy

and it would be so small you couldn't see the detail
you can only accomplish so much in 640x480 pixels


athletic heather 5$


White: No, and the yellow frames are a bit garish--try a darker gold, or detailing/texturing them a bit. Very interesting though!


Great design! $5! Simple but darkly humorous and well ilustrated! I too would like it one a different color, though. A bright one, preferably.

  1. But try it on something other than white.

Nice execution, pun intended. Looks like 70's cartoon Paul McCartney, poor Paul.

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