YIKES grammar error

Unnecessary comma... please, someone make it go away. It's bothering me.

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It's not a grammar error. It's a comma separating two adjectives. It's a grammar rule that many people just don't use today, but it is completely correct grammatically.


People are always bitching about grammar errors on the type tees that aren't actually errors.


When it is two adjectives I generally don't use a comma, but it is perfectly acceptable.

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You should have an exclamation point after YIKES.

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Actually, itsnothamilton is partially correct... yes, you need a comma between multiple adjectives. "Robot" is not an adjective. It's a noun. "Robotic" would be an adjective.

Sorry guys, I had to say it! Grammar doesn't bother me so much though... the shirt's still funny!

whisper in water

I actually think this is an error. You're only supposed to put a comma between adjectives if they're "unnecessary" adjectives or something like that. My teacher taught me how to tell whether an adjective is "necessary" or not: You check to see if you could switch their order without destroying your meaning.
For example, "I use a light, fruity perfume" is correct because you could also say "I use a fruity, light perfume."
"I had a piece of fluffy chocolate cake" is correct because you could not say "I had a piece of chocolate fluffy cake." (Well, you could, but it makes things really weird... "chocolate cake" needs to stay together.)
So the question is, would this shirt still make sense if the slogan was, "This shirt hides my robot, cold interior"? I don't think so, in which case it is a grammar error.


True robot is a noun, but in this case it is describing the interior so it either has to be treated as an adjective or it should be robotic. Either way I don't think the comma should be there, but I am not buying it either way!

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My bad. Lolz.


no comma if the first adjective describes the second;
comma if both adjectives describe the subject.
"the lazy, brown dog is lazy and brown."
"the coffee brown dog is coffee brown."
""this lame, ridiculous typetees shirt is both lame and ridiculous. and ridiculously lame."

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i read the "robot" part as an adjective too, but maybe because that comma is there.

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deanna explained the rule perfectly :-)

MeLa de Gypsie

wahaha... I like this...

this is like a refresher course...


It should either have no comma or be "cold-robot interior." :P


if she had dropped it from the running, why did it get printed?


The weirdest thing is that if you have a cold robot interior, then it's already hidden by something (probably skin). A shirt could conceal an exterior, but not an interior. I can't say that my t-shirt is covering up my intestines, can I?

I see "robot interior" pretty much as one thing, just like the chocolate cake thing above. It doesn't really make sense for the interior to be cold except for its robotness. The robot part is more important.

You could also consider cold to be an adverb that modifies "robot," which is an adjective. Or maybe that's not right. It makes sense to me at least.


The first time I saw this, my brain automatically freaked out thinking it should be "robotic". I guess it works either way, but I'd prefer robotic.

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I think what the original post was trying to say was, "...someone please make it go away." rather than "...please, someone make it go away."

Or possibly they meant "...please, someone, make it go away."


Sheez, sorry.

I was raised by an English teacher, I really can't help myself. If the word in question were in fact robotic, then I wouldn't mind at all. The comma would still be unnessecary and a bit unwieldy, but not terribly troublesome.

No worries... maybe I'll be an editor someday.

Garnett F

Robot can be used as an adjective, like it is here. You separate adjectives with commas. The comma's necessary. Good that the original submitter was right and that Threadless are in charge, eh?

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I did question whether or not it was correct when I received the email saying I'd won, but I just assumed Threadless would edit it if anything was wrong. Also: I couldn't care less.

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valor pwnd y'all :)

Robot is NOT an adjective.



I think they should've said robotic interior..

Garnett F

ro·bot /ˈroʊbət, -bɒt/ Pronunciation[roh-buht, -bot]
1. a machine that resembles a human and does mechanical, routine tasks on command.
2. a person who acts and responds in a mechanical, routine manner, usually subject to another's will; automaton.
3. any machine or mechanical device that operates automatically with humanlike skill.
4. operating automatically: a robot train operating between airline terminals.

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stupid post no. 11248


Any word that is regularly used as a noun can be transformed into an adjective. It's all about how it is used. Also, you don't always place commas between adjectives. See Deanna's (whisper in water) post above.

Your friendly local English teacher has spoken.

Garnett F

I agree. You don't always put commas between adjectives - only if you want to be correct.


Sorry, no.

Again, look at Deanna's post.


Interior is the word bothering me. How does the shirt hide the interior? It's hidden anyway, innit? I think exterior would make more sense.

Oh well, it's just a t-shirt and I'm not buying it anyway.

Garnett F

Lemonalle, interesting, but I still think it's wrong. The interior is cold AND it's robot.

Anyway, I don't mind other people being wrong, only when they foist their views on others. Usually that means Christians...


You are so silly. The interior is cold because it is robotic. Try reversing the words. You could not say "robot cold interior". The order is key... and therefore the comma is superfluous.


"Interior" doesn't really bother me. Interiors aren't necessarily hidden by definition. Consider, for example, the contents of a transparent glass jar. Also, I'm sure the creator was referring all the wires and doodads that you'd find inside a robot, not the outer casing.


Hmm, I guess the robot has lost its chest plate. That's makes sense. and I agree that the comma is wrong. I should know. I tend to use too many commas.


kids are so dumb nowadays, nobody will care.


If I see someone wearing it, I shall point and bellow "WRONG!".Then I'll adjust my glasses and laugh nasally like a machine gun.


Fresh lemon scent! Lemon is an adjective here, even though it's usually a noun.

The link provided by lemonalle was very insightful, and brings me to the conclusion that the comma is unnecessary.


I have come to the conclusion that, the comma is unnecessary!


i hate people who are grammar and spelling Nazi's! STOP BEING SO PRETENTIOUS!

like you are so freaking perfect and you NEVER make spelling or grammar mistakes! UGH!

The Crackers

i hate people who hate people that correct grammar

because i always correct people when they say like "me and jon" i say "john and i"

and they have like a hissy fit,

i'm just helping them out when they to a friggin job interview and it seems like they never went through middle school


Interior makes sense if they are counting the shirt as the exterior.


Maybe the robot hasn't mastered grammar?! They do speak with unnecessary pauses.
That's it! It is a robot pause, not a comma! Woo!


^Good theory!

who cares.

your mom. all day.

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oh snap, lemons.

snap to the max.


omg nowai threadless drama


It's not a grammar error, it's not just not necessarily needed because "robot" denotes the type of interior, like "Monarch" denotes the type of butterfly in the phrase "Monarch Butterfly." It can say "cold robot interior" and "cold, robot interior" and still be acceptable (by personal preference, I prefer the former). If it said "cold hard interior," though, then that would be technically wrong, or at least more wrong, if 'ya know what I'm talking about. Well those are my beliefs.


evade on Mar 20 '07 at 2:35pm
My bad. Lolz.


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