Is it true that if you pee in the pool

the water really turn blue, or is that some sort of myth?? I hope those pesky peskers at the Mythbusters H.Q test it out.

p.s. I've peed in the pool before and wasn't followed by a trail of blue as some said i would.

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Pee has it's own distinctive colour.


I heard it was purple. D;

special k

no it's not true.
there arent any chemicals that can detect urine in a pool, as far as i know, anyway.

adam antium
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no, i did swimming for yrs and i peed alot, also cause i was a kid, i did it also during competitions and nothing happened


I've never heard that before, but it sure sounds like a myth.


adam antium, you were a swimmer?
so am i!


but i don't pee in the pool.


I've only been told that once. And it was that it turned red.. and I'm pretty sure it was complete bullshit, heh.

Heavenly Devil

I heard it was purple, then I had a dream that that happened to me, and they kicked me out of the pool.


it IS complete bullshit.


I'm going to pee in a bucket full of chlorine and see what happens.

Heavenly Devil

It's not just the chlorine, there is a special chemical that you can add to pools, I have a pool and I should try it out, but eww I can't pee in it myself. Dangit.


I'll swing by at 4 pm tomorrow.

I feel like that guy from the lasagna commercial!!


yeah, it was at camp and they told us they had added a special chemical or something, ahahahaha.

brett dawson

i play waterpolo. and if you have to go to the bathroom, my coach wont let you get out of the pool. he makes you go in the pool. and it doesnt turn any certain color.


your waterpolo coach probably gets off watching young adults urinate.


I would pee in the pool all the time if it was.


haha your coach sounds mean.
i just get out of the pool and walk to the bathroom withiut saying anything. lol

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