My Hollywood Crew

I recently moved up to Hollywood and am curious as to who else that rocks threadless is also in the Hollywood crew.

PeaEss: Are any of the awesome people who go dancing at the Beauty Bar on Thursday nights also in the Threadless crew?

dance and design on,


Watch this

If by "Hollywood" you mean "Dallas," then I am in the crew.


i am definitely not in your crew; i am on the other side of the country.


im in westwood
but ill be in west hollywood tonight at a groundlings show


oh also i like how your radio show the SCEPH is put like the title from The State. v nice


i am also in westwood


hahah peter its so weird that we live so close i love it


squeege, you are in the Jersey crew, and that is the greatest crew of all.


ill be moving to northridge soon...that doesnt really count but...whatever


WERD UP. I was in West Hollywood last night. I tried to use the jacked up public transportation system we have here in LA and I ended being stranded there by my transfer and just rode another bus back home and drove the to the party I was trying to get to.

I will not be at the groundlings show. What's the DL on the Groundlings right now?

I went to see Fabrice Fabrice at the UBC Theatre and Horacio Sanz was there chillin in the audience... not that I freak out over celebs but it's kind of neat to see someone who's work you like. Best / Worst part about going to this show was that my roommate was locked out of our house and couldn't find the extra key (which I had hid). So he kept calling me in the middle of the show. I was sitting front and center and the UBC set up is very small and intimate. He couldn't understand my text messages explaining where the key was so I eventually ANSWERED THE PHONE in the middle of Fabrice Fabrice's set... ugh. I know that is the dumbest rudest thing ever but my roommate was locket out of our house. I couldn't get up and walk out because the place was packed(blocking exits) and it would have been rude to stand up and start asking people to move their chairs. SO yeah... he caught me talking on the phone, took the phone from me and made fun of me for the rest of the night. All of this in front of some very cool comedians who were in the audience. It sucked.


ALSO. My roommate, who made the SCEPH/State banner, met David Wayne last week at The Cat and Fiddle on Sunset. Aparently a very nice guy unlike Michael Showalter who completely ignored us when we tried to say hey to him on the street in NYC.


the groundlings show tonight is called 'When Groundlings Roamed the Earth' they're an improv/sketch comedy group

that sucks dude!! ahhh my god i would die of embarassment if i got made fun of onstage




im not in any crew, i live in chile :D


You're in the chile crew then. It's a spicier crew than most.


NYC crew anybody? I'll be in NYC from thursday morning through sunday afternoon. Staying at a friend's place in Brooklyn.


What is the Beauty Bar like? I keep forgetting there's one in LA.


i'm down south in venice! ummm the family whose back house i'm staying in goes to the same church as britney spears. she decided to start going again this sunday, apparently!

yeah...i've realized the bus system is not the best. which is a good thing because originally i would've been taking the bus from west hollywood to venice every day from where my friends wanted to live. but our apartment bombed, i now walk to work, all is well.

sorry for the long tangent.


the beauty bar in LA is like a bar that is themed like an old beauty salon. Pretty standard i'm sure compared to the rest of the locations. I've been to the one in NYC and i remember it being a slightly better in terms of layout goes. In NYC they have a decent bar area in front, then a little hallway with some seats/bathrooms, then in the back is a nice sized room that has a spot for a DJ and a second Bar. The nice sized part is that it is a whole room dedicated to music and dancing. With the beauty bar in LA the front bar area and the "dancing"/DJ area are all the same area. They have a 2nd smaller bar in a TINY back room next to the bathrooms. Having the main bar area and the dancing are mixed together feels a little awkward at times but at the same time I've always had a great time when I go. I usually go to stickball thursdays. good music and lots of cute girls to dance with. you can't beat that.


I have yet to get to Venice. Having lived up here for only about a month now and having had to commute to my job I had in Orange County I spend most of my time driving between LA and OC and not a lot of time hanging out in LA. My little free time has been spent just exploring what I can walk to from my place in Hollywood: amoeba music, arclight cinema, 24hr fitness, cat and Fiddle pub and the beauty bar have been the extent of my LA experience so far.

I also ate a Roscoe's over in West LA.

I'm still not a fan of Buses in LA but I did get a chance to ride the subway from hollywood blvd down to the staples center to catch a Kings hockey game. It was awesome not having to deal with traffic, parking and parking fees. I highly recommend using the train if you can. $3 vs $20 for parking and more for gas money = awesome deal. I wish they would expand it to go all over the city though.


Go to The Griddle on Sunset, near Fairfax. Best pancakes on the planet. They're only open until 4pm though. Around the corner on Fairfax is Canter's Deli, which is open 24 hours and is always packed full of interesting people to watch. If you live within walking distance of Amoeba and Arclight then you'll easily be able to walk to those places.

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I was in Hollywood once. I believe I went to The Griddle and ate their pancakes. They were ok.


I'll have to check out this Griddle.

YO YO. H-WOOD Threadless peoples.... Anyone going to Coachella this weekend?


damnit i was going to coachella but i had to sell my ticket because i couldnt afford it :( its a sad sad world!

ill be living in northridge come june close enough to hollywood


I'm going on Friday, which is all I could afford. ha


Went to Coachella.

Thursday night was the Filter party. Excellent. Free beer and margaritas all night long, free photos at Rony's Photobooth, free t-shirts... music, friends, fat guys dancing.

Friday: zack galifianakis was worth the price of admission. Oh yeah... and BJORK!

Saturday: Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem... nuff said for me.

I saw multiple threadless tees represented. Living in Harmony was the most appropriate. If you go to my flickr photos there is a coachella set up and there are 2 photos of 1 person wearing a threadless shirt. If you find them and are the first person to post what the shirt design is on this blog then you should be proud of yourself.

peace out from Hollywood,


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