Toilet Paper

  • by Rastyle
  • posted Mar 17, 2007

no comms thought..

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no comms thought..


this isn't going to go over well... sorry, but it's true.
i find it slightly amusing, slightly...


hahahaha i am gonna $5 it even though it will probably be received worse than my hitler cow.


Why would this be controversial? It doesn't say that Hitler is awesome or anything.
I think it's hilarious.

get a clue design

"Heil Hitler" was all this time a request for toilet, rewrite the history books.

Original concept, but always touchy with the nazis and what not.


I'd buy this. Made me laugh out loud when I saw it. Fantastic


good idea, and it is funny... but i have to agree that its a touchy subject... if it was to be printed i'd go for the pink!




Awesomeness! $5


That really made me laugh. I'm gonna 5$ it, but just fair warning: Hitler subs always start a debate.


Next Spock, with his Live long and prosper TP grab.. Hey, he's wiping out Klingons at the same time! LOL

shked_e profile pic Alumni

bad taste



mezo profile pic Alumni

EVERYBODY! LOOK! Hitler has chicken legs!

Manos profile pic Alumni

and wears Vans?

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is pretty good .. im chuckling


I bet he's blaming the Jews for him not being able to reach the tp!


this is very offensive... especially since i'm a nazi


look, i understand the joke, but it's just not funny to me. The artwork is really good, but i really think that you should put your creative efforts towards something other than shock value.

mezo profile pic Alumni

If the art is good, shakes, don't you think a 0 is a too low a score? Let's say the art deserves a 3 (3 being mid way between terrible and amazing = good) but you score the concept a 0. Shouldn't you instead average out your score- art vs concept? At least give the art a 1. Shit.


Funny... perhaps.

make a few sales if it's approved.... probably

but I doubt if anyone would actually wear this while down the street, at least without a shirt over it to cover it up when the need arises. You'd spend half your day trying to explain yourself. And that's not counting the people who would see you in this shirt while driving by and not have the time to hear your explanation...

funny idea, but not worth the trouble to wear.



I hate his legs. And I love the idea. Then again,why would a toilet have a toilet paper roll put on the wall so far away. this makes no sense. Here's how you can rework it:

1. Fix the thickness of his legs.
2. Make the toilet paper close to him, but out of TP.
3. Show a new roll or bag of TP on a shelf that he wants and is reaching for.

  1. Write the word "Poland" on the toilet
manic mania

I really like your execution, but I have to agree with skafiendoo7 its a funny idea, but not worth the trouble to wear.


historically inaccurate.

"German Engineering" would never have the t.p. out of reach

still funny tho :-)


i laughed so hard looking at this! i love it!


I don't see how this would be troublesome to wear.

"What's up with your shirt?"

"It's making fun of Hitler."

"Oh. Cool."

What's so hard about that?


What's so hard about that?

Oh, all the the people who will perhaps walk by without asking, just making snap judgements (people tend to do that), or the people who will pull up to a stoplight, see you with a swastika, assume you have some affinity for Nazis and hurl a Shamrock Shake out the car window at you, etc....

not everyone will take the time to ask you about your shirt. People are funny like that. Hence, the "troublesome" part. I mean, just because you wear a confederate flag doesn't necessarily make you a KKK member or racist. But a lot of people don't do it because it isn't worth the trouble.

harpo25 profile pic Alumni

Its kinda funny but I don't like the quality of the illustration


Being German I would get murdered if I wore that at campus!

Other than that, it made me giggle a little. 3 for art.


that's hilarious. $5


It's still a shirt with a swastika.


It's funny, but I still would never wear a shirt with Hitler on it.


Pretty risky, but quite clever.


Wow. That is wack. Nice.


first funny thing of my day.


Really funny, but I don't know if I'd wear it on a T-Shirt. Feel like I'd have to do a lot of explaining. Ahh! But it is funny. If it gets printed, I'll have to see.


lol halarious
nt sure if i wld wear it
lol, think bout wearin it to a bot/bar mitzvah lol


I wouldn't wear a shirt with Hitler on it either. But I think it's funny, even if a little unrealistic. Who keeps toilet paper that far from the toilet? Or maybe Hitler was really short, like Napoleon?


hahaha, me likey, def. like the suggestions of jamonit. hahahahah, nice--"gimme gimme gimme"



"Heil Douche!"



I can see some people being stupid and not understanding the shirt, but at a stoplight...I barely can see peoples faces in the car next to me, let alone check out their shirt from the side.

I think the whole troublesome argument is silly, and I agree with superpope, if anyone cared to look, they would understand. (except in germany)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This has to be one of the worst.....titles of all time. Even though a large portion of my family died in the Holocaust, i find this somewhat funny. But i'd never wear hitler on myself personally. But change the title to something like "The Third Whipe" or anything else.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

That's a huge toilet paper! Right for his huge ass.


2 MooseDinner - Who keeps toilet paper that far from the toilet?
Dunno who keeps, but the idea is that Hitler wuz a dirty ass boy.

2 FRICKINAWESOME - This has to be one of the worst.....titles of all time
Maby you right, but the contest is 4 the design

2 MooseDinner - I wouldn't wear a shirt with Hitler on it either.
I wouldnt wear a tee were Hitler is shown as he normaly wuz

2 ohitsannie - agree, I would not were it in place fool of skinheads

2 mezo - those r vectored from my friend))

2 - iDanSimpson
Sorry, for me, offensive iz "nazi"

2 ShakespeareNinja - you should put your creative efforts towards something other than shock value.
Why not, not shock value?

Thanks all 4 your comment, aa I am new 2 threadless but I will not change the way I am just 2 make some tee sales, or I will)))


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