Stairway to Heaven

Where is the ramp to heaven?

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Of course I understand irony. You just don't know how to be ironic, unless you think irony is a synonym for stupid. I also understand courtesy, cruelty, decency, even the stupidity and lack of taste that you have shown in this offering this disgusting shirt and that of your handful of juvenile admirers. Maybe when you grow up a little bit you will understand what I'm trying to tell you. Frankly, I hope that if this shirt is ever printed that it's wearers get their toes crushed under the wheelchairs of the disabled or get their pea brains knocked out by their crutches. Do you have any knowledge of the struggles of the diability rights movement to win full acceptance in your own decadent and depraved little empire? I didn't think so. Have you ever studied the Americans with Disability Act, or know what its about? Ditto. Frankly, I''m having too much fun intellectually slicing and dicing you--it's a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. I suggest that you ignore this posting because if you respond I will humiliate you once again.


Oh yes, I'm so crushed. Arg I am bleeding under the weight of your almighty knowledge and petty insults. You said yourself that you're not disabled. No I haven't studied this Disability Act, but I doubt doing so would hand anyone any amount of real empathy for the handicapped. But this is beside the point. You refuse to listen: This is not making fun of the disabled. Just the same as my profile picture is not making fun of gay people. It's just an observation. Of course there SHOULD be a ramp to heaven. If anything this design is more of a statement to the way that those in wheelchairs are constantly screwed over. Come on. Why do you feel the need to come here and insult me? I'm not humiliated by your arguments, just astonished at how much of an arrogant asshole you are. Do you do this to every designer whose shirt you don't particularly like? So you think my shirt is stupid. It doesn't change the fact that the design is ironic. If you think the irony is stupid, fine. I don't really care. But good god, your blatant flaunting of your supposed knowledge of the rights and struggles of the disabled borders on frickin narcissism. And perhaps you are narcissistic, in which case there is no point arguing with you. After all, you've blatantly ignored the finer parts of my arguments (hello you can't know what I was thinking) and just throw out synonyms for "you suck." You apparently think being 33 makes you better than me. Well, yes, I am sooo impressed that you've spent so much time and energy arguing with a teenager over the internet. It is the epitome of intelligence, isn't it? Fine, if you're not going to argue reasonably and stop fucking insulting me when you know nothing about me, then I'm done. We can end this argument here. Of course you'll have to have the last word, so go ahead and call me cruel, stupid, and immature again. I know you haven't become tired of saying it. One last thing. The only commenter who admitted to using a wheelchair: Not offended.


Hey.. RE-LAX.... I challenge vicious stupidity where ever I find it. Nothing personal, hon...


Just how emotional people are getting over this design proves its worth.


wow mindfeeder, I think you've missed the point here.

sonofadiddly: I get what you're trying to say here but methinks the design needs a bit of tweaking. Agree with FRICKINAWESOME, figure needs to be bigger so his frustration is obvious. That should get some of the naysayers off your back.

To fit it all in, make him bigger but have the stairs shrink as they get higher. Ditto with the gates since it'll add perspective to the whole thing and make them seem even more unobtainable.


webpossum: Thanks for the advice. I never thought of making a perspective effect. I appreciate it and will use your suggestions.


i like the way it looks but what it meens makes me really sad...i love the way the person is drawn but it just makes me really sad.


Wow, sounds like two people here need to chill out. But I'm not naming any names.

I really like the concept, but something about the perspective of the man and the wheelchair don't seem quite right.


having spent almost 6 months in a 'chair' and knowing how hard it was for me to get around and do shit this is a bit depressing...


You are all taking this way too seriously.

People get through tough situations using humor.
Even prisoners during the holocaust made fun of themselves just to stay alive. You're all offending those who are in wheelchairs by assuming they're going to take this shirt as a serious commentary that they have nothing to look forward to after death. I've helped carry a man in a wheelchair at the subway station when the elevator was broken. He thought it was the funniest thing in the world laughing the whole way up.

Lighten up and appreciate the joke. There's nothing cruel or insensitive here.


omg so sad :[

i still like it though


I'm rating this shirt a 5 just because the commentary is HILARIOUS.


mindfeeder, are you a pretentious liberal arts college graduate? Cause you sound like everyone I know at my pretentious liberal arts college.

I agree that this commentary is hilarious.

I AM BOTH DISABLED AND CHRISTIAN and I still think it's funny.


good concept bad execution



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