Stairway to Heaven

Where is the ramp to heaven?

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Where is the ramp to heaven?


Wheelchairs come with you when you die. Who knew?


not very nice

The Ending

you make a good point. you "climb" the stairway to heaven to the "walk" on the right hand side of god.


haha I made a slogan a while back with the same idea.


But didn't you know? Handicapped people aren't allowed in heaven. ;)


we forgot to make hypothetical methods of afterlife transportation politically correct?
love this.


priceless. Fingers crossed this gets printed!


I really like the idea, but this illustration is a little crude and lacking in style. 5 for the concept 1 for the art = 3

mezo profile pic Alumni

Good perspective on the staircase, though it doesn't flow well for a shirt. Heaven's gate & clous look weird. Clip art weird. And the starburts behind could be better executed- add more, and make them more like rays & not abstract rectangles. The albino bald cripple is funny.

Hehehe...Stupid cripple.


hahaha...that sucks (not the shirt)too bad theres no elevator to heaven and i didnt know inanimant objects could die...but its a funny shirt, i like it.


i like the idea but not the ilustration.


you're going to hell!!!!

Holly Bees

I also like the idea, not the illustration.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

But the crippled people use them pathways for wheelchairs, right?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

the wheelchair-bound individual looks a wee bit too happy to be really miffed and complete the joke on this tee. Great concept, but needs a few more weeks back in the fryer to be cooked properly...o, and frustration lines above the crippled dude's head.


Love it! Poor Christopher Reeve.


Lawl, I had to google Christopher Reeve to find out who he is, so no this is not based on him. I agree about the little man, it's hard to see his face on the smaller image, and so he doesn't look very sad. While I was making it the image was quite a bit bigger and the expression was perfect. Rookie mistake, haha. However, the clouds are my second favorite part! (After the stairs, the stairs took so long to get just right).


Concept is better than execution. The concept is sweet though.


Fantastic - I love the simplicity of the design!

w0w thats RAD

bahahahaha! that's awesome. warped, but awesome.


Interesting idea, but I think the execution needs a lot of work. And even though it doesn't seem like you had a mean-spirited intent, I don't think many handicapped people will see the humour.


^ Sometime wheelchair user and I'm entertained and not even slightly surprised that the same thing would apply to heaven as everywhere else [g]


Is this meant to be funny or mean?


Just out of curiosity, and pardon me if it's too personal, but how can you be a "sometime wheelchair user" dusk?


the execution is pretty bad.


nice idea, but the design needs work.


reminds me of that simpsons episode where it's actually an escalator to heaven...


I like the idea, the design could use a little work though


Like the idea. The guy needs to look sadder though.


One can only hope that karma is real and that you soon find yourself squirming in your own poop at the base of a staircase.


For the love of god, people. I am not making fun of the handicapped. It's called situational irony! If anything I'm making fun of Christians, or Led Zepplin.


Handicaps don't go to Heaven. I truly believe this.


internet people are funny.
anyways, very nice shirt.


I'm with Ganj. You are one sick and cruel little girl, though I will give you partial credit for your youth and youthful ignorance. If this is supposed to be making fun of Christians, then it is a concept so poorly executed that no one on this thread and no one in the real world will get it. But fess up--it's not about Christians, and you know it! You should also be made aware that Heaven is not merely a Christian concept--Muslims, Jews, and some types of Buddhists also believe in Heaven.
The power dynamics of humor largely revolve around the social power of its targets. If you want to mock others, why don't you mock those who truly deserve it--the rich, the corporate rulers, the death-dealing military-prison-industrial complex, the selfishly ignorant? What's the matter -- do you see people who suffer every day as somehow more deserving of your juvenile, clueless scorn?


Jesus Christ, mindfeeder! Re-fucking-lax, will you? If you're offended by the shirt, rate it a 0 and move on. You think your eloquently-worded flaming is going to change anything? I still think it's funny. How is that... scorn? Wtf? First of all, exactly who actually thinks heaven has a stairway? And second, who believes that a person would still be crippled when they went to heaven? Third, haha I pissed you off. Look, I would imagine it sucks to be handicapped. But if you can't laugh at yourself or your situation once in awhile, then you might as well be in hell.


Actually, I'm not disabled, and was laughing and thoroughly relaxed when I spoke my mind to you earlier. I'm not interested in changing a thing related to your shirt, just trying to get a point across as to how thoroughly un-funny and uncool your design is... Do you find ripping the wings off butterflies funny too? What about shortchanging the blind or kicking the crutches out from under the disabled?


Okay, how did you go from guy in a wheelchair can't climb the stairway to heaven to ripping off the wings of butterflies? Really, man, you are taking this t-shirt design waaaaayyy too seriously. It's IRONY. Do you even understand the concept? The design has no deep meaning. I was looking at a Led Zeppelin poster, it said "Stairway to Heaven," I thought 'haha, but what if you were in a wheelchair OMG THAT SHOULD BE ON A SHIRT' and then I made it. I am not mocking the handicapped. But if you see it as such, then seriously just give it a low score. Don't go insulting me as if you're so high and mighty that you must correct me in my flawed thinking! Do you even know me? Or do you just feel the need to shout your opinions from the top of the internet as if anyone will actually take them to heart? Well if you know everything, why don't you make a shirt illustrating one of my problems? I can think of one. Ragged, thirsty person in a desert, but there's a bunch of people in front of the oasis and he can't go get water because he has social anxiety disorder! HAHAHA I should make that one NO STEALING YOU GUYS.


nifty i like!!! makes me laugh!




hahaha that would suck.


This supports the fact that the meek shall inherit the earth, no?

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