We are All Connected (Revised)

I love this design and I am determined not to let it die because I made the dumb decision of making the colors nasty and the sizing too big. Hope you dig the inprovements.

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Octo Jelly

I love this design and I am determined not to let it die because I made the dumb decision of making the colors nasty and the sizing too big. Hope you dig the inprovements.


I love it.. escher on j-pop crack. XD

I like it best on the brown lines. :)


I think this is better the second time around. Your detail image is a bit stretched, so I fear people might think that image is the exact one that will be printed on the shirt - the design looks better when you put it on the shirt as an example.

I would possibly buy this version. I like it on a lot of colors, too - dark red, navy blue, and gray. Lots of options.

4 and MAYBE a buy

Don Marinno

like the dark red, very nice :)


it looks allot more natural if the lines match the color of the shirt, the brown looks good!


I dig it.


I would like it a lot better if you improved the detail by adding more colors. The big blob of yellow is fairly unexciting.


i agree about adding some touches of color to the design. i like the yellow on red.


Wow. I have to say that this is one of the best shirts i have ever seen on here. Mostly for the concept but... its perfect!! i like it on dark red or brown. If you dont get picked, i still want one. yes, i could see where a few more colors would be nice, but i guess... too much color would be ugly. i like it how it is.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

i really like it..5$ again



I love the concept. :D
It looks nice on the dark red.


I loved it last time and still do, on brown.


cool design, but more colors would def be a plus.

Lena E.

Do the people have to be yellow? Try doing it with a color that looks similar to that of the shirt, and add some light and shadows... God I was gonna refer to a few designs that I absolutely love but I can't remember the name. See my reprint requests... :) The yellow on yellow rocks. How about blue on blue for you? Like Bear Hug...


i dig it, but it should be stretch out more vertically and would look better/cuter in MY opinion on more vibrant technicolors :]

mezo profile pic Alumni

Don't waste a 2nd ink color on the outline, turn the outlines instead to the color of the shirt. It woul dhelp blend the yellow INTO the shirt instead of having a yellow blob on top. Make sense?


This is horrifying!
Reminds me of "Legion" from the Castlevania series...
(It was a giant mass of dead bodies you had to kill.)


I really like this design, liked it the first time you submitted it as well. I think if it were printed on the dark red I would have to buy it...it's just really amazing, well-done, and unusual. Best of luck! $5


please,please,please, change the color of the people! it is too good a concept to be pale yellow! against the red or light blue it isn't THAT bad, but i think it could be much better in different colors


i enjoy the idea but the people look kinda scary


like the concept, but honestly the shirt colours are awful...maybe something more muted? a light blue maybe?


i like it alot!

Mama Young

kinda wierd..........i like it!


yeah different coloring but totally kickin' it

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