Gimmie a hug

  • by Pixtoons
  • posted Mar 13, 2007

It's nice to get a big squishy hug.

Watch this


Adorable, nice colors. But their butts are hanging off the shirt! The cutest part of big squishies are their big squishy butts.


oh man. this is intense. haha, I love it.


this is cute..
but i don't really like the placement of anything.

it may be better without the text at all?
leave it up to people's interpretation?


Damn are they cute!


id definatly keep the text, otherwise people will just think the shirt is just two colored blobs, but possibly make the text blend with the shirt color more, so that it is not so visible and people focus on the two cute blob things, the off white color is definatly perfect for the colors of the blobs and the design, so id give it a $5 right now, but the test could be faded a tad more


text* not test


I agree with Sonofadiddly, their big cute squishy butts need to show! Wrapping off the side would be awesome.


this reminds me of the ice cream man one, you know ... what with the soft serve coming out of the anoose hole, I'm not saying that's bad, but I'm also not saying I like soft serve ice cream from the asshole of a gumby character.


at first i thought they were like... kidneys.

but i would still probably buy this anyway. lol i like it a lot!

also, call me anal but i'd rather see the text as purple, or alternating between pink and blue. so then it's more balanced. ;-)


i would wear it


maybe the text should be a dif. color. otherwise, LTT. [lose the text]


I like it, and I too vote for the showing of the entire butt parts.

I_ am_Moose

I'd like this better across the chest.


if it was on the chest i would buy it


Maybe if you raised the text and put them closer together under it. I dunno


Fun to wear.. as long as you have a jacket over it you can zip up on occasion.. you don't wanna give EVERYBODY a license to hug... only some...


mmmm :] ..5$


this is so hardcore. 5

Miss Haha

cute, but more centre placement would be better. show that squishy butt!

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