The beast and the beauty

  • by Occhio
  • posted Mar 13, 2007

Maybe criticism on TV and fascination it could create. Or just a visual joke. Hope you won't find it too scary.

Watch this

Maybe criticism on TV and fascination it could create. Or just a visual joke. Hope you won't find it too scary.


I wasn't sure where that TV is in relation to the fish, so if anything, just give some indication that the TV is attached to the fish. But it's really cool otherwise.


seems clearly attached to me....the fish looks great


lol, i like it a lot.

i know i didn't like your CO2 one but this is good stuff sir.


It doesn't seem attatched to the fish


It's supposed to be one of those deep-sea fish with a little antenna-like thing hanging over their head, at the end of which is a chemical light source, used to lure food. Here it is replaced by a TV, suggesting the TV is luring those who watch it into a dangerous trap.
That's it right?

Holly Bees

I like the fish but you should have him eat the tv.


It's clearly attached to the fish. This is only confusing if you've never seen this breed of fish, which is just as citizen.lambda described.

I think it's fantastic, well-executed and a witty comment on popular media. 5$!

Fletcher Fashion

I like it, but maybe is the lines in the TV screen wernt the same color as her hair?
It all kind of blends together from afar.
$5 still.


i think what needs just a tad bit of work is the connection between the tail and the tv, since there's no back/extension to the tv to really show that they meet. otherwise i really like it, but that specific part could use a little more identification. really nice work!


OMG! you have to print this!!!!


Ha! Love this.


I got that the tv was connected to the fish, but I think that it would look better if the line from the fish went all the way to the screen (or draw in the back of the tv) the way the line is just cut off looks funny


LOL. Great concept. Love Marilyn & the angler fish... good job on the vectoring... But... different color shirts...

$5 anyway.


citizen.lambda: Right!

About connecting: I think I can fix it. I used my old 1985 Philips Screen instead of an average 2007 Sharp SuperFlat Screen Monitor. I think the probleme is thickness... But I DO like my old 1985 Philips!!!
But how to post a new version on Threadless? Anybody help?


Also, i almost forgot, nice design, it needs printing, 5$, and I'd buy it!
@dnangel, that's it, the angler fish...couldn't remember the name (am french, and seen these in french documentaries years ago)


Merci citoyen lambda! Vu dans un film du Commandant Cousteau peut-etre?


excelent one!! love it.

Trimm Trabb

It reminds me a lot of the angler tee, which might not have had a tv screen, but it ruled more because it glowed. Yarr.


love it.


Damned, didn't see that one (angler tee). Would definitely not use this animal if I did...


I like it, man.

Don't change the TV style, I like the scanline-esqueness of it.

The fish was good material, the message, while a little bit cliche, is still gotten across well.


It's kind of a cool concept, but I'd never wear it. I just think it's kind of odd for a t-shirt.


most of these fish in reality are smaller than a handspan. The styles appear too different ;the fish is quite different to the tv marilyn. I dont think they work.


I like it just how it is.


It's an angler fish, but at the moment it looks like it is trying to eat itself.


Thank you everybody for your comments.


very nice indeed!


i feel the same about tv
i'd ware it! ha
maybe a different background color so the graphic isnt lost

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