Save The Invaders

  • by Danimotxo
  • posted Mar 13, 2007

Everybody tries to destroy the poor invaders. The charity organisation "save the invaders" cares for them.

Watch this

Everybody tries to destroy the poor invaders. The charity organisation "save the invaders" cares for them.


Hahah. :] I think this is pretty great. Dunno about the "save the invaders" deal on the ambulance, but I get that it's the message you want so your call. :P


oh man, that is intense. I am so into it.


yeah, i don't like the "save the invaders" part...that's edging into unnecessary redundancy, we don't need the message to get re-enforced here.

i think it's a great concept, but where's the ship that's shooting the invaders?

you know what?
it's still awesome.



I think there needs to be one of the invaders on the stretcher, maybe with the stretcher still on the ground and the guys lifting it up. And using color would be good, especially if you put an alien thing on the stretcher.


maybe an invader "leg" hanging out of the stretcher cover? . . . very strong idea - run with it.


Hi everybody!
I wrote "save the invaders" instead "ambulance" because you get the idea in one shot, but at the same time, is not a normal ambulance, is a special one from the charity organization with this name.
The ship is gone, mate. Maybe they heard the siren and escape (by the way, the van should have one? ;). Kill invaders is poaching in this world.
MooseDinner and Wwoo8, interesting ideas.


I really like the desig, but at first glance it looked like the guy is sitting up in the stretcher. Maybe a color contrast between the legs and inside of the ambulance...


i love this one

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, this is a fantastic idea that needs a few more days in the tune-up shop. Coloring would be awesome, or at least a better shirt color, and putting red blood from the invader instead of the black dot would be more interesting and really draw your attention to what happended to the invader...perhaps even a a realistic red splotch of blood in the hole where the invader was supposed to be in the line-up to contrast the pixellated old school proceedings...and PLEASE get rid of the "save the (invaders)"'s more than self-explanatory without it and the slogan is somewhat corny compared the awesomeness of the rest of the design. Please re-submit and i will score it very high, but right now we're looking at the 2-3 range. Keep at it man!

I_ am_Moose

I'd like this more if you could tell that it was an invader under that cloth.


Thank you everybody for the advices, I'm gonna try to tune-up it, but I have to wait until the scoring for this one is finished, haven't I?


I think it's great as it is. Don't change it!!! $5


i thought the guy was sitting up in the stretcher too


I like it - I agree that the text might be a little redundant, but the idea of Save the Invaders is ace! The design is good enough to carry that without explanation though. Nice work!


Anyway, to take off the text is very easy to solve.
You are right, about the guy. The thing is, I based the drawing in a picture, and when I see the drawing, I remember the picture and I see it ok. But the truth is that I need to separate the legs with some line or do something. Or to add colours, but I like it in 2 colours.

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The concept here is ok. It's the 2 drastically different drawing styles that I am not digging. Sometimes, it's good to mix different styles (solid graphic & sketchy lines, like this here) but it's not working in this case because it makes one group look stuck on. The 2 styles simply are not connected/working together.


I think the invaders should have this style, like they are being all the life. But we are connecting 2 different worlds (videogames/virtual and ambulance/real) so I think it can work with 2 different styles, can't it?
Thanks for the comments

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I actually think the two different styles look great in that they are intentionally supposed to clash like that. I don't think the joke would be as funny if a pixelated ambulance was taking the space invader away...and i REALLY want you to put a red blood splatter! lol.


I don't mind the two different drawing styles at all. I'm with Frickinawesome on that one. I do like the idea of somehow showing that the invader is the one being taken away. Funny concept, too


i love it - but id like to see the invaders a little smaller....


I think that instead of the "Save the Invaders" wording, you could put invaders as the logos on the windows on the back.

And I think maybe if you pixelated the puddle to make it look like the invader more, then I'd love it to death. I think its great as is too though, so $5.


I agree completely with umbluemusic. I would like to see it with her suggestions and with the pixelated puddle colored red.

Really good idea Danimotxo!

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