Bogus Biker

  • by DEXXON
  • posted Mar 12, 2007

Printed on the back of the tee, one colour (black tee) or two (grey tee).

Watch this

hahaha awesome!!! $5

aled profile pic Alumni

That is P I M P. I love the scratching head guy. Could this tee be the new 'I Have Never Been To New York'? Back placement is inspired. Logical in this context, but inspired. $5


very awesome. 5$ & PRINT PLEASE.


I love it! So funny! I know someone I'd love to buy it for, too.


totally totally would buy this for a few friends. (but hope they don't wear them on the same day, as that would be akward.) i could be wrong but since it's the name of the club, i don't think you need the quotation marks. it's just the one set looks a bit weird after Motorcycle" and kind of breaks up the ease of reading. maybe something to look into?

Trimm Trabb

Haha, hells yeah! I should have this shirt, as I am practically the only person in my family to not own a motorcycle. I'd love to wear this while going to a biker meeting with my dad and uncle. :D


I agree that you should remove the double quotation marks. It's still a $5 even if you don't, though. I love it.

rub my pants there magical

I like this a lot. Looking at it again i agree that the quotations should be removed, it looks all wierd like jacky stallone

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

I like it! needs the quotations. Otherwise I'd see it as "i've never owned a motorcycle club.


I think it needs the quotes too, I didn't notice them at first and thought who DOES own a club?


Yeah I agree the quotes should stay, for the same reason, and the black background is coolest. I would totally buy this one.


YEAH! Motorhead + BRMC + ghost rider?


thats awesome, love the placement and the the guy scratching his head, would definitely buy.


thats funny, and cool, and a LOT of people should be wearing this.


Love it. I'd wear it to piss my boyfriend off. :)


no quotes - not standard english and they look awkward. i usually can't stand skull shirts, but i find this very funny, even if i wouldn't wear it.


i like it, but wouldn't buy it because i do own one. nice though.


I'm far too careless for a motorcycle. It's possible I'm too careless for this t-shirt too.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

Its a nice start to what I believe could be a winning design. Id take the concept a bit further and create a design, to go along with this one, that would be printed on the front, along with some type of symbol or flag to go on the sleeve. Really make it look like one of those cheesy, over the top trendy biker/truck stop t-shirts. It needs some more of that "im a biker, and i dont take shit from no one" attitude.

As it is now, its still getting a good score from me, a 4. With some additions and improvements it would certainly receive a higher score. I really hope you take my advice and kick the design up a few notches and re-submit it.


Very funny, 5$ effort!

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