Unsound-please know your basic music theory

good design, but it's driving me absolutly NUTS that the treble clef is backwards EVERY SINGLE TIME. i mean, you could get away with once to give the them the sense that they're "floating", but even on the eighth notes, with the stem going the wrong way...makes my stomach feel funny...and not a "haha" funny.
if it weren't so ass backwards, i might have bought this.

Watch this

Sheesh. I was a music major in College and now a professional graphic designer and I get that it is supposed to imply movement around the fish. Wow, you people can be so anal some times.


wow.. i just noticed it.. and now i can't stop noticing it.. thanks a lot..

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lol my sentiments exactly


It's bugging me, too.


"movement around the fish."

I see no fish. Isn't it a bird?


It might imply movement if it was only used once backwards, and then the right way the other times....but it appears several times, and it's backwards for each. Good eye.


Wow, that's bothersome. It shouldn't be backwards everytime--the eighth note changes back and forth. Also, why is there never a bass clef??? If you can put forty treble clefs into a line of music in the name of design, why can't you put a single bass clef? They're so much easier to draw, too...

(Sorry, I'm a trombone player and the general lack of bass clefs has always bothered me.)


I'd bet my shirt that Frank Zappa'd understand this design for sure, also Thelonious Monk and most definitely Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Sometimes a creative hasta go with there gut-feeling, reckon that's what happened here and the resulting design looks pretty damn nifty to these eyeballs.


i second all_quarks

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Wow, you're right. I didn't notice, but it does bug me too :T Oh well. Overall, the design is nice. And I don't think it's a fish :P


so much for creative interpretation.

yr red scare

Spictacular, miffed by a lack of bass clefs? I play viola, and it seems like no one other than violists know what an alto clef is.


I think the treble clefs move backwards because it mirrors the flow of the bird. The both spiral in the same direction now so visually it looks better, doesn't mean it's right though.


I've neber looked closely at this one. Now it bothers me too.


instead of looking at it like you would on a page of music think of it as seeing out from the page itself


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