DHL Globalmail Parcel

Hi guys.

Does anyone know whether the international shipping DHL Globalmail Parcel method provides online-tracking?



Watch this

someone blogged about this earlier....


but why does the DHL official page say that it's trackable? O_O



I just received my order. There is no tracking, but it took only 6 days to get here. That's very quick and efficient, considering my last order had been lost by the USPS.



Yup, trackable in Canada-land. Dunno 'bout the rest of the world, as I don't live there.


6 days? That would be perfect, I hope I have such luck with my shirts!


I'm having trouble with that. It's been 3 months since my order was shipped (according to Threadless), and when I try to contact DHL here in Brazil they say they can't do nothing without a tracking number. Now I can't even trust if Threadless really sent anything to DHL.

Threadless sent me an email back saying 'If the post/customs office has no information, we may have to consider it lost'. How about that?

Guess I won't buy anything no more until international tracking works.

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