My Pet Lion

Genetic Modification creates Miniature lions as house pets. How cool is that?

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The Jolly Brewer

Genetic Modification creates Miniature lions as house pets. How cool is that?


Wow! It's lovely to see it so refined after all those critiques. :) The big tongue looks great and I love the shaping on the muzzle!


where can i get my pet lion?


This is very cute, although I think for aesthetics, I would like it would look better without the can.


you've been reading Jurassic Park?

i really wanted that little elephant they made


I want one..and an elephant and a giraffe and a zebra!

Do ones without the cans too coz they are cute!!


I like it, but something needs to be done about black outlines. They're too flat and the curves are awkward.


Don't know about the sage-y color, but I love the design!


awwh i watched this little lion grow in the critiques. i still like the smaller tongue better, but 5


love it

The Jolly Brewer

It could work on pretty much any colour..... except yellow or pink!


Love it.... I love his giant feet. Although i agree that the can does look a little bit awkward, the color it's on makes it aesthetically pleasing, imo. Makes me feel all warm and cuddly. I'd buy it.


"Mom it followed me home... Can I keep it?" I wish it was me it followed home... Damn I want this... It's so damn cute... Not really a fan of the can though...


Lions are my favorite animal. Aw. $5 for sure.


The can is the whole reason this design works, if it wasn't there it would just be a drawing of a toy/pet lion! The point (i think) is that the lions have been genetically modified to be house pets and therefore need feeding from cans! The can makes it IMO!


i'd buy it if the T was another color. $5


I don't have a problem with a can being on the shirt, just the placement is what seems awkward. But i'd still buy.


so cute!

but you should make a diff colored shirt


I'd love to see this on a children's tee. Very cute

The Wee Straggler

The Lion is great, but I have to second LauraJerry. I think the can detracts. The Lion should be centered. If you feel you MUST drive the gen-mod point home...some text or a doggie dish at his paws would be better IMO


I love this one:-)for my sister:-)please print this!!!


Nice to see a not-so-artsy-and-whimsical design that greatly deserves $5. I'd buy it. I'd wear it... often.

Oh... and the tongue. That's just adorable.

get a clue design

Cute, yes...but...
Is the clip art look of lion illustration intended?


WANT a baby lion just like this but then again I think I may almost already have one called Beni. Hasta luego jolly brewer!


It looks so cuddly and cute! I love it! =)


The fact that the preprocessed lion food has springbok in it totally makes this tee for me. :) Plus the lion is adorable. $5!


I want one. Sooo bad.

But, I'd settle for a shirt of one.


wow, way too obscure of a point.

cute drawing, but poor concept.


they're doing it with tigers, too. They call it the toyger.

And how adorable ^^

The Jolly Brewer

Wow, I've never heard of a Toyger... but I WANT ONE!


Super idea!

Maybe you could try an otter mixed with a beaver! I know someone who would love that one!


The can of food is hilarious


Ok Now I want both a Toyger and a Pet Lion... I wounder if I can have both?

The Loracle

Never mind the t-shirt..I MUST have a Toyger...NOW! I will name him Timothy III and he will be my best friend...

...oh Jolly Brewer, what have you started?!!

Super t-shirt design by the way!

Alexandra Marie

In response to the Toyger housecat, I presume?


A mini-lion would be so much better than a house cat that only looks like a tiger.

But i guess if you got him neutered his mane would fall out...


$5 because i love lions.

cintrao profile pic Alumni

I love your ' The name game ' design, this one is looks good too. The future worries you, doesn't it? lol , 5 for worrying.

Two-Can Sam

Nice design. I just thought I'd say that I have eaten Springbok and it's delicious.... so is ostrich.

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