Angel's Trumpet

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Yabi Kuro

I don't like the hearts.


The elements of the design don't seem to mesh. The art style isn't consistant. But with a little work I think this could be awesome. A tip for presentation: blow up the image as much as you can to show detail, because the image is the most important part, and it's kind of tough to see above. You can show the shirt placement by putting a second smaller image off in the corner.


I like the concept. It's a little hectic for my taste and I'm not a big fan of the hearts.


I don't like the placement a'tall.


I think it's interesting. Personally, I'm a fan of hearts and such things, but I think the placement can be worked on a bit. Maybe the amount of hearts is a bit overwhelming. I think it would make more of a statement if there were only a few. Other than that, great image! I'd probably wear this.


Thanks a lot guys. I appreciate the criticism; hopefully I'll be able make better designs before the year ends.


i think it looks great! Good work marcoos.



i really love it, if only the hearts werent there :/ i would still buy it tho


oooooo i like this!!!!!
this is jasmine by the way.

something i would deff. wear


I don't get the hearts or the airplanes. They don't seem to go with the theme


Is this referencing something in the "Left Behind" stories?


dood, i like the idea, but i dony know about the hearts....
they kinda dont fit.....idk...but i still like your designs, theyre awesome......

btw this is alex, bro...


I like the direction, but it seems that the seperate elements never really interact with eachother. Maybe a hand or two reaching down in the cityscape, or a building rightside up in front of the angel. It needs something to unify it all.

rest for the weary

Dude, yeah is this supposed to be the trumpet sounding when Jesus comes back? If so, I think that's pretty rad.

I don't really understand the hearts either...the planes coming down are cool and the hands and upside-down city are all great. Good job.


The design is good, minus the hearts. Is the angel blowing love at the planes?


Interesting idea, but I think the choice of colours bring it down. Maybe try again with a different colour palatte?


MARK!!! This shirt is awesome, except I don't know much about I like it because it reminds me of the rapture. Nicely done bud =]


i would wear this while im sleeping, eating, showering, working out, surfing... this is nice.


DUUDE, this is SwEEt,
i really like it, IT MUST WIN!!!!
GIVE IT FIVES!!! 5555555555555555555555555555555555555
i really want it,
gimme gimme gimme!


kinda... emo...
i still like
but not a 5 sorry darlin'. 4 and maybe buy on a different color

mezo profile pic Alumni

No, no no!

This is bad execution & layout.

Why is there a white stroke around one of the arms? Is there a person holding a star? The hearts & planes blobbed like they are make no sense and the straight horizon of the arms/city would look strange on a shirt and would totally emphasize a gut.

I don't even know how it can be helped aside from deleting it all & starting over. Perhaps take the angel with her horn and have planes/hearts coming out of the horn? And even then, damn hearts are a terrible design cliche.

Sorry dude. I am at a loss. But keep subbing! You can only get better.


i dont like it- sorry

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