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  • posted Mar 06, 2007


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pxlb profile pic Alumni


sweet annie

I get it, but I am not sure that everyone would.


Honestly, I don't get it... maybe if I had an explanation...


I don't get it.
Tell me what it means, if it's worth it. Looks cool though.
If it's funny I'll score higher^^

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I get it too. Tesla was a major player in modern electriticy. His work lead to AC Power. And Edison did the light bulb which uses electricity. So if you know what it means it's incredibly clever. Only problem is, sadly, I don't think 90% of the general public has any clue who Tesla is.

pxlb profile pic Alumni

I don't think 90% of the general public has any clue who Tesla is.

Ok, then we are starting online education :) :
clickety click..

I guess I tought that SEED's audience must know that.. But what a hell.. :)

pxlb profile pic Alumni

And one more thing behind this ( I actually hate to talk about my work ): Tesla and Edison had one great conflict, it seems that there were some Tesla inventions that were credited to Edison.. So today everyones knows who Edison was, and as we can see, nobody knows who Tesla was... So this is what's the work all about..

I am not going to get any more points on this one, but at least I shared some knowledge with you... :)


I love it. The Joy Electric song "Nikola Tesla" has similar themes.


got it.

really clever, though i agree. not many will know what it means.


I like it, really hilights the fact that Edison gets all the glory while Tesla's contributions to science were vastly important but quite ignored.

But at the very least, Tesla got to be played by a Mr. David Bowie in The Prestige, which kicked some major ass.


i don't think it matters if everyone gets it or not, it's quickly explained and then easily appreciated, it's clever and a solid design. i love it!


yep, Europeans (eastern mostly) will get with no problems :) btw: is that font yours?


But at the very least, Tesla got to be played by a Mr. David Bowie in The Prestige, which kicked some major ass.
haha indeed!

Monsieur Hulot

You know, the next hot dude waiting to be designed on to a t-shirt is Joseph Smith Jr.
Dashing good looks and hung like a horse too!


Yeah, the design is a little mundane, but I do get the concept. Poor Tesla... Oh, and for those that don't get it, they may remember a Simpsons episode where several of Homer's inventions are ulimately credited to Edison incorrectly (sort of a play on Edison's reputation).

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this would be awesome if there was a crappy prog rock band called edison that stole all of teslas work and got famous off it. it would just add that much more to teh design if there was that duality ..but since theres not i have to say that I still like this and whatever to teh people that dont get it ...

travis76 profile pic Alumni

i think it's great!, that said, i think it's too intelligent for the voters here, but maybe the owners can appreciate it and look past the people that won't get it.


I really like it, but unless I was an uber geek I wouldn't wear it...


I think that's great, delicious irony. Edison gets the lime light, Tesla hangs out small and unnoticed.

I think this is great, but unfortunately I think the general population won't get it.

5 from me, anyhow.

pxlb profile pic Alumni

I am realy glad people, because you all get it..
I probably made a mistake by submiting this one, because of it's not_so_commercial theme but I love it, and I wanted you to see it...



this is so cool man.

as far as the people who don't get it, look it up you spoon fed automatons.

god damnit.


Tesla...like the rock band from the 80s?

haha just kidding.


i find it kind of strange that "alot of people don't know who Tesla is" that seems strange to me, I'm pretty much a dumbass and I'm fairly familiar with him...huh...


sometimes that's just a smug way to make a person feel better about themself; saying so and so is so unknown that noone will know who you're talking about (except me).

s'all good.


This is so cool! I totally get it. I know who Tesla is errr, was. :) 5!


you can say "is" bc he lives on in most electrical technologies in some form or fashion.

and besides, who can ever come up with another "free energy" theory again? noone!


Dude, Tesla was so awesome. I would buy this shirt in a second. $5.
And congrats to all who get the meaning.


I love this and I really want it get printed.

If it doesn't, I am extremely serious about somehow getting my hands on this shirt, and would somehow try to work something out with you. I have no clue what that would be, but that's how important this shirt is to me. I can explain further once scoring is done.


You left out Westinghouse. maybe version 2 could be Westinghouse and Tesla smashing that egomaniac's sign to smithereens.


funny shit, smart concept


i didn't get it so i was going to skip it...but after reading the explanation i loved it and scored it a 5!

as was said earlier, most people won't get it but it's super fast to explain and then appreciated!



Oh man, I love that. Only thing is, I wouldn't have gotten it if the title hadn't been Tesla because on the shirt it kinda looks like Lesla.


the shirt is super clever, my old physics teacher would wear it. But I only know Tesla from Red Alert.

Eaglejon, that simpson's episode is great, I want an automated hammer!




it took me a little while to get it for some reason, but when I did I was like "Aww, Tesla, you were the coolest though!"




OK, now I feel like a geek, because I laughed my head off at that. Great design :)


I get it because I went to a science museum "once" and there was a large exhibit on Telsa. I am sad to think that most people wouldn't get this or that most people think other people are stupid. Anyway, I like it and I give it a 5.


COOOOL! i would buy definitely buy this shirt! more fame to my fellow (ex)countryman! $5 (but yeah the T does look a bit like an L...hmm even though I got it when i saw it)


it's brilliant, and it's sad so may don't know who Tesla is =/

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

(im pretty sure far more people will at least recognize his name now, as The Prestige featured him quite prominently)

pxlb profile pic Alumni

Tnx everyones..

Pozdrav! ili Bog ! ( ne znam da li smo susedi ili zemljaci :) ) i hvala na komentaru .. ;)


i really really want this shirt. I am always going on and on about the telsa-edison debate and this sums it up smartly. I am brand new to threadless (first post!). Is there any other way to get this shirt (at any cost) other than just rating high?


i like this...i just wish the art were a little cleaner. seems a bit hastily done to me. wonderful concept, though-

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