what to do?

I've never bought a select shirt before (it's difficult to justify a $25 dollar tshirt) but this one is pretty wonderful (and on sale). I love the colors more than life. And Anacaona was a pretty cool lady. However I'm not sure if anyone who SAW the shirt would know what was going on and might just drool over the [sorta] naked hot girl. But then again, what do I care what other people think??

But it is brilliant and it IS on sale. But I also just spent a bunch on tickets to see the police (wahoo!!!)

I need advice, to buy or not to buy? HELP.

Watch this

i think if u buy it you wont regret it. BUY!


Buy it, wear it to The Police!

You're lucky btw, should be an awesome concert.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Damn it, you clearly want to buy it. SO BUY IT!


wow, what great support to spend all my money! done and done.

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