Okay - so I know the Chuck Norris craze is over, and so is the Hoff, but this is still one of my favourites.

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Okay - so I know the Chuck Norris craze is over, and so is the Hoff, but this is still one of my favourites.


I saw this at Hot Topic.


I saw this on another site but it still kicks ass


sorta kinda really old

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

um....good luck using pictures that you didn't take yourself as part of your designs. Oddly enough there are things called copyrights that protect against things like this. Especially when it's from a movie.
It's one thing to draw something similar, but you didn't even draw this. Plus, I don't know why you'd sub something that even you say "the craze is over".

haha, sorry but this really rubs me the wrong way. It's all kinds of zero to me. And I try not to give a lot of zeros out.


Probably kick your ass for using his likeness. Yeah, copyright issues out the ying.


been done.
and stop adding your stupid corporate sponsor thing on them.


Chuck Norris would flip tables and crack some skulls! 5 for sure!


I did this one last year, and I actually only added this shirt on here because it fit in with the Kickin it Old Skool theme - and oh yeah, and because I've already sold 30 of these on my own.

Copyright? It's called POP art - look it up.

And BTW, I'll flaunt my logo anywhere I goddamn choose to.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Good layout & color scheme. Copyright will bite you int he ass, though. Especially since this photo is SO CLOSE to the original. Maybe had you recreated it and changed it up....but you didn't.


Frrrrrtt. I don't know anyone who actually survived the 80s that enjoyed the insanity. Most of the people I know who were into the craziness were 12 year old gamerbois, and I really don't want to be associated with them. I'd pick something else in a couple months... I think it'd be more fun.


with an attitude like that you sure aren't going to make any friends. no one wants your logo on a shirt.

mezo profile pic Alumni

corporate- pop art is one thing if you, alone, are marketting & selling it. But asking a well-known corporation like Threadless to market & sell it, worldwide, for profit.... is asking for a lawsuit.


For Shame........


i like this. i know all my freinds would buy it.


Hmmm...I wouldn't really call this "Pop Art". There's nothing sarcastic or satirical about it. It makes no commentary on our current socio-political situation or anything like that. It's just run-of-the-mill bought-yesterday-at-any-mall-in-America straight-up Commercial. So in that way, maybe it's perfect for this contest...


Q:What Would Chuck Do? A: Get his ass handed to him by Jack Bauer!!


You can never have too much Chuck Norris!! Print it!


"What Would Magiver Do"= funny
"What Would Chuck Do"=reused
And how about a better attitude.


Yah, hate to tell you, the whole Chuck Norris thing... it was well beyond lame 6 months ago. Truthfully, it was lame about 5 minutes after it came out


Cut this guy a break you elitist art snobs. If he gets into legal entanglements then that's his problem. The bottom line is that Norris rules. End of Story. Now stop sniveling or CN will have to roundhouse kick all y'al suckahs into yesterday so you can keep on re-living that fateful roundhouse kick ad nauseum.


seriously all your shirts look like generic ripoffs of shirts that have already been made, and im sorry to sound so harsh but how about comming up with something creative instead of designs that look like they could be shiny iron-ons, if you really expect these to get printed why dont you take them to hot topic or pac sun


so this dead horse calls the police and says he is being bludgeoned by Chuck Norris........ This joke should have died a long time ago


The Chuck Norris trend died a long time ago.


I dig all your tees


...i'm speechless...in a very very bad way...

jacklmoore profile pic Alumni

If only you had a time machine, you could go back in time before someone else thought of the idea, to a time when chuck was cool and before you made a dick out of yourself... you could have gotten a design picked by threadless. Too bad you don't have a time machine.


ha! I used to watch this show!
4 (but I wouldn't wear it)


Yeah, I like the design but the WWCD belongs to somone else. Change the copy and find way to use that distressed Chuck.


Copyright is only infringed if there is no "originality" to the new material. Because this designer has redrawn the image, and repurposed it with his "own" slogan, this doesn't fall under copyright law. It would, however, fall under likeness rights law.



OMG. buy buy buy

konami kode

"The Design must be the participant's own original work and may not have been previously published."

You just admitted to selling 30 of these previously.

Nice work.


I would never wear especially since other people have made it. Unoriginal.


This one is better than Emo Topics' ....er...Hot Topics' design.

Although it is unoriginal, I'd still vote it a $5.


corporate-please stop hiding behind your pop art excuse to try and justify your unoriginal, poorly executed designs. I had a problem with all that "feminist" shit, I had a problem with the fruit and now I just have a problem with you. Sorry to sound like a bitch but I'm only matching your own hideous attitude.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

jeez, kids....do you only know chuck as an "internet phenomenon"?

that's like only knowing albert einstein through that pic where he's sticking his tongue out. chuck is not funny because of the norris reference craze last year, he's funny because he's starred in a lot of awesome bad movies and tv series.



Joann Summers

willbamazing - magiver=100% buyable. You should design it.


it makes me sad. maybe you can make it a tribute to chuck norris.



Chuck Norris should just go take a sudden interest in suicide.


"What would Chuck Do" is WAAAAAAY overdone. I don't mind a Norris-related shirt, and it would fit with the theme, but I've already seen that phrase and similar designs as much as I'd care to.

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