Do We Still Have a Postman?

  • by lbspicer
  • posted Mar 04, 2007

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Ahhmmm...ick. Drawing from unrelated things. I can't make any obvious connections between Carl Rogers and the Soviet Union/Russia, but that's just me. I mean, he was a humanist. I don't think the Soviets were humanist. I dunno though, it might have value as a random crazy thing.


Fred Rogers...


its awesome and thats all that matters. 2 thumbs up, if i had more i'd give you more.


$5, that's all I can say. This must be printed! You did a good job cleaning up some of the problems the first version had. Excellent and hilarious.


Sweet, Sweet Sweet!!! How did you come up with this. $5 $5 $5.
The Kremlin in the distance through the window is a nice touch.
Please, print this so I can have one.


love love love

Onward to Utopia

oh man this is as good as "the communist party" 5$


$5 i need this shirt real bad


I don't get the message.


The colors work well, and it's a decent design. I just personally wouldn't wear Mr. Rogers with a USSR insignia on his sweater.


Dear god yes.
Anyone who doesn't get it is looking far too seriously.
It's just fun.


I think I'd like it better if the window were on the back. Otherwise it's great.


I don't know that I'd wear it, but the illustration is hilarious and well designed. That, and the text is the icing on the cake


Thou shalt not dis the Rogers!


I like the design but I wouldn't wear it.


XD 5$

one of the best uses of in a parody that i have seen XD

Of Course

Of Course this is awesome. Basically I don't think this design makes fun of Mr. Rogers, or tries to make any comment on the fact that he actually was a communist, it simply makes a joke because he was NOT a communist. Some people just have no sense of humor. $5


Thanks for the great comments, those of you who are loose enough to take a communist joke about Mr. Rogers. Also, to dlinkwit25 I am not dissing Mr. Rogers, just using his persona to make people laugh. Personally I love Fred Rogers and all he stood for, such as capitalism and humanism.


times a billion
i love you
let's make babies


i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly hope this becomes a shirt


This is awesome like woah! The Kremlin out the window is amazing. $5 for sure. The last one was amazing, but this one is ubergreat!!!! I definitely want it!


I love this so much, it better make it. it's the only shirt I'm going to watch.


The whole design really flows together on this one- it's better incorporated into the shirt. I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the design. It must be printed at once!!! Are you reading this, threadless higher ups??? AT ONCE!!!!!!


...I want to print it out and tape it to a shirt, I love it so much!!! $5 x $5 x $5 x a million!!!


...I want to print it out and tape it to a shirt and wear it, I love it so much!!! $5 x $5 x $5 x a million!!!


Awesome! Just Awesome. That's all I can say. I'm completely speechless! Great Work :) $5$5$5!!!

Low Digital

Yes. $5. Why do people need designs to make sense? Isn't it enough that they make you laugh or make you think? Or howsabout if it just kicks ass? These aren't Magazine articles. It's called design. It doesn't have to be literal.


It's kinda funny, but at the same time, it's sort of like making a shirt with Mother Teresa as a pornstar or something, you know?

It's just not gonna be well-received with Mr. Rogers. Any number of other well-known figures might work (albeit with a different joke), just not him.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I don't have a problem with making a joke about Mr. Rogers and communism. I just don't think it's that funny...
Also, the design is pretty weak. Soooooo Live Tracey!!! And I'm going to assume that this is a copyright violation because pictures that weren't taken by you the artist would be a copyright violation unless you pay to use the image. And, I really don't see Fred Roger's estate giving the green light to this one.

You tried it twice...I think it's time to give up on this one.


live trace by someone who knows nothing about someone


I think that The Kremlin in the background is distracting since it is way more detailed than the foreground imagery. I really like the choice of colors all around, though.


MMMkay, some people (ehrm, ipiatt, RAMBOTRON, cough, cough) need to lighten up. It's a great design.

Comrade Corey

this may be the best communist shirt EVER! $5 all day long


there doesn't need to be a joke, per se.
but something more than nothing is always nice.


furthermore, the communist thing was played out about three years ago.


blandford I'm glad to see you can bash other people ideas and designs with such force. I believe I will see the skill you posses if you show us some of your work. Also if you think my design was so simple just remake it yourself. The images are not random, thank you very much, they are part of an overall concept that you obviously don't get. You don't have to necessarily like my design, but try not to bash things you don't understand.


Also, to shirtflirt, thanks for the headsup about communism no longer being funny. Personal opinions are always welcome. arabiantealeaves, thanks for the news article, I was unaware of anything like that going on at the time I made this design. Hopefully nothing awful happens to me or my family.

westoy ludwig III

why does this need a message or have to have some deeper meaning? can't it just be a funny shirt that i would buy FOR SURE?


well, considering this t shirt site prints certain designs that are fads, this falls under that category. it's not really my opinion of what's been printed here and submitted over and over again ad nauseum.
besides, it's only one design. why take it so hard?

Mario Manifesto

Communism is always funny. I ned this shirt. $5

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

lbspicer, this is a website where people submit designs and people are then asked to critique the designs. If you're going to get all defensive because people offered up their opinion (which, once again is the entire basis of this site) then I suggest you grow some thicker skin or stop submitting.
shirtflirt has more than a right to tell you that communism fad shirts aren't funny because that's his opinion. bladford has more than a right to tell you that much thought or skill was required to make this design. Infact I happen to agree with him. And for you to get all bitchy and say he's bashing you is a little juvenille.


This will be printed. $5.


i will be you one million dollars it won't be.


You guys just calm your faces. Spicer was simply expressing his opinion that he didn't like yours.. so you grow some thicker skin.
On an nicer note.. I love the tee. I completely agree with Mario communism is always funny especially when you mix them with innocent children shows. Of course that's my own opinion, try not to let your pride get the best of you!
I love you Luke.


I never said I had a problem with critiques, your right that is the basis of this website and thats the only way any can get better, or learn others people opinions. And shirtflirt is right, it is only one design. I'm sorry if I can off as defensive or aggressive, that really wasn't the intent of my message. Everyone is aloud their own opinion, including me. Thanks.

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