how long is it taking to ship your shirts?

how long is it take youguys for your shits to ship? this is my first time ordering and i wanted to get one shirt for now to determine what size fits me best. but they're saying that it could take 5-10 days to ship it and by then, all the good shirts might be sold out by then or the sale might be over. i'd appreciate it if you guys could tell me how many days it's taking to ship/receive your shirts. if it's taking a long time, mayb e i'll just risk it and order more shirts. thanks :)

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without the sale (haven't bought any during it, yet) it only takes me about 2 days to get my shirts. which is cool.


yeah, it's taking quite a while because of the $10 sale. i ordered... tuesday? and it hasn't been shipped yet. but, usually when theres no sales, it ships pretty fast. you should definitely order a couple of shirts though, but not too much. the sizes are just like.. regular sizes, i think. they have a sizing chart you can check up.


I bought on Monday and they arrived today.


I ordered mine on saturday but I dont know if they ship on the weekends.


Yes, I ordered mine on a saturday also, but they send it out Monday morning. I got it that Wednesday. Amazing shipping! =)


if you're in the US, they ship priority mail which takes 2-3 days from the day they ship. threadless sends an email when they ship your stuff so you should know soonish.

i ordered tuesday night and have not gotten an email yet.


Hey, this is completly off subject but could someone explain the street team thing. I really dont understand how if you tell someone the site and they shop here, how does Threadless know your the one who told them?


you link em with your streetteam link ( - l think) and when the come here through that link the computer (fancy internet magic stuff) automatically recognizes that you linked em and gives you the points if they buy somethin'.

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To Sydney, last order was done on a sunday, and arrived on the moneday of the following week, so bout 5 and a bit working days.

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