• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

Watch this

considering your style is horribly unique.
You DEF. deserve higher.
I gave it a 4.

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yes....and increasingly more so......somethings weird with threadless im sure of it. the last couple of weeks have seen a ludicrous rise in scores + comments on the average sub, yet not on their average score.


i thought that would score higher. don't fret. you have a great style and a wonderful talent. keep drawing, please.
i've said before, your style is whimsical and i can see it framed on walls:)


just never give up doing what you're doing be true to yourself do not listen to the masses just look at who they vote for in politics for gods sake


I really liked this one alot...scored it a 4. your stuff is all very eye-catching, keep it up.


haha ACANTHUS ! thank you all. I never thought of quitting drawing anyway :) this is what I live for maybe this is too emo to say but it's true. I draw, paint and design in very different styles too. I will always have some stuff to submit here indeed. As I said before it's not about getting printed or else. I just would be happier if the "1" or maybe lesser? scoring folks could tell me why? I really will except comments like " I hate colors" or " this is too weird". Well this is an unrealistic wish I know ^_^ *


why don´t you try to produce by yourself? there are people liking your graphics. if its to much money, try badges. and i m in common with acanthus. never give up, but try other ways

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your style is so different then the usual stuff on here. maybe its just ahead of its time.


I live in Turkey. It would be very hard for me to sell worldwidein the first step but I am just thinking what you said musepampel, nowadays I'm working with my friend which is a fashion designer on a concept. soon I'll be printing and selling my own brand and name. not only tshirts but shirts, accessories and other apparel. The semester ends in couple of weeks and my work about it will get faster or resulted. after sometime I guess I can build an online shop and sell worldwide too.

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I was hell disappointed when I got my first few scores in. But after studying what gets printed and high scores almost scientifically you can see which direction to head in to score highly(my highest scoring sub was the one that I am least proud of). As far as being printed goes, in my opinion some designs seem to get picked for mass appeal, some for a clever idea and some for fresh style (The best designs combine all those factors).I agree with Elburrito, you have a unique style which I personally dig. Since I believe part of what Threadless are looking for is unique looks I think as long as you stick to your guns eventually you'll printed. High scores seem to be more about mass appeal which I guess is all about understanding Threadless voters demography and
why 'inside' contests like Revolution etc will always crop up as a reaction to the voting process.


>hogboy, you are right. threadless voters are a very different profile for me. I think I will get used to it soon :) thank you for the support.


I like alot of different styles too from bosch to dali to bacon to munch to rolf harris


i love people who create and i love myself

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this is my least favourite of your designs, but it did deserve better than 1.72


always love yourself but don't fell in love with yourself haha ^_^

well well well like in the song quit whining cuz it's bringing me down: greenday - basketcase. ( I do vocals for my friends' groups or music, very multi talented person I am haha but I suck in English :P )


I like 'sick' best thats really good. I see your thmbnails and I think its gonna be really 'yellow submariny' but then I get disapointed coz the style often isn'e quite that cool.


I think sick was the submission most resulted in "WTF" and "no"s. but I get your point *

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I feel your pain. My last 2 submissions got pretty low scores too. I have my opinions on why these scores are so low, but I'll keep them to myself so I don't get in trouble with the masses.

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I blame the little kiddies home on winter holiday from school. The site has become cluttered with Non-Designer and Wannabe-Designers that all think that everything that is different/artsy is crap. They like the Cartoon Bears Sitting in the Forest watching TV kind of stuff. You know, Puppies and other Cute animals.

blah blah blah, but what do I know...


Haha I remembered a southpark episode that they were controlling a tv station at school them ( cartman,stan,kyle...) and the other class students. no matter cartman tried to do the best programs in everyway people in the town were watching the other class' tv channel. becuz it was not only about cute animals, it was just cute animals:D

well I'm not against designs with cute animals if the design's overall tell something amazing or very well done in tecnique. but I got your point too.

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i liked it.
i gave it a four.

i love your style... its very cracked out... different. i like that.
however... the masses like stuff thats more mainstream. yes, threadless versus society is far from mainstream (at least i think so...) but people who vote on your stuff are still influenced by whats considered 'in'. your style isnt (judging by the scoring...) but i wouldnt be suprised if it does gain popularity eventually.

btw, i gave it a four because there was something i didnt like... yet couldnt put my finger on.


i have this a 5 cause it ROCKS i really wanted it printed actually because its more of ART than the other designs which are generally fairly gimmicky

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your stuff is really cool for the most part the latest one not my fav. its liek everyone here has been saying ..its tough to sell something original and different to a people that seem to already know what they want and dont want to look farther than that.

and yeah I know what you mean about wanting to hear from everyone as to why they dont like it .. cause even amidst the "teh colors suck, and so do you" there will be genuinely useful things to hear.

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he'd understand


i always like your subs though.
they're so clean and cute.
good work!


I just want to say that you are one of my favorite designers. You always get 5's from me!!!


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