Nine Eleven 1973

  • by NoSanto
  • posted Mar 03, 2007

Allende, The Great Illusionist.

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Allende, The Great Illusionist.


Haha, Reminds me of when I broke my glasses, Aha.



Ok, not sure what's going on with the date and all, but I really like this!


I'm not sure this would make sense to anyone outside Chile or environs.


Looks very cool, but what does it mean?


fucking awesome. $5. did you do this when pinochet died?


Until I saw the date and the Allende comment, I thought this was a reference to that old Twilight Zone episode. "That's--that's not fair. That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was, was all the time I needed... ! It's not fair!"

Still, I like it. $5

herky profile pic Alumni

great concept and illustration


i...dont really get it...


the day democracy died in Chile. Salvador Allende was the first democractically-elected Marxist leader of any nation. Augusto Pinochet staged a coup on 9/11/73.
I love the design, but the reference was too vague for me...


Those are Allende's glasses, and that's the date he died.


Wouldn't the 9 be before the 11? I mean, that's the typical order of dates. Day/Month/Year.

Unless I'm missing something.

The Jolly Brewer

It is in the US, but not in many other places.

I love this design


At first I thought it was a Buddy Holly memorial design until I realized the date was wrong.


I thought it was Murray Bozinski's birthday... Seriously, this is a strong statement; I just like funny and smart-alecky on my shirts. Who'da figured that.


I don't understand it.

What does that date represent?


i really think that too many people would connect the date in this to that other bad thing that happened on 9/11.

Monsieur Hulot

Nobody needs to know anything that happened outside US.


oh i so thought it was twilight zone... then 911.... Haha


great illustration, one of very few political tees that i could see myself wearing.



please, if you guys don't understand a reference, PLEASE don't look it up. it would be a shame if you used the internet for something like self edification, and not just porn.


did you seriously that nobody needs to know anything that happens outside of he US.......please tell me that you are being a smart ass Monsieur Hulot........


great design. simple and clean. but i wouldn't wear it because the reference means nothing to me...if it was just the broken glasses (or the Buddy Holly memorial) i would.

Harvey Gatling

Reminds me of that one twilight zone episode...



I find it odd that with the amount of designs on this website being made by designers from around the world, so many comments (for this and others) seem to be made under the presumption that t-shirts sold by threadless are exclusively for American consumption.

With that said, it's a great design (historical reference aside) and I appreciate art that has the potential to instigate discourse without employing histrionics (historical reference considered).



I didn't get it at first, but I'd definitely wear it just to get questioned. the design is great, and it helped me learn about Chile, hah.


its a cool l design..but i think you've narrowed your target audience


a t-shirt with a message...what a concept.


its too left-wing... you dont see any right-wing t-shirts either.


A little too obscure.

get a clue design

i like the simplicity of this design a lot, but I would like it WAY more if they were Buddy Holly's glasses with the date the music died (feb. 3rd, 1959). I realize it ain't as politically "deep", etc., but music moves people more than politics it seems.


i don't know what you're referencing.
but when i thought of it i thought of that one twilight zone episode. i like that one.


oh, someone'd already said twilight zone. in that case, me too.


My congratulations! excellent design. Viva Allende, la dignidad de América Latina!


Yeah the whole American date thing, it should be day month year, that makes sense, you go from small to big. Anyway, I had no idea what the date ment, I would have looked it up wrong too, although I would have still found the right answer. But I didn't need to as you lot have already answered any questions I may have.


Seeing that M. Hulot's name is referencing a character in several old french films played by Jacques Tati, whose comedic presence is on par with Chaplin's "The Tramp," I think it's safe to say he's being facetious.

On another note, nice design. Don't know if I'd wear it though, so it's a solid 3.


I thought it was the Twilight Zone thing as well. Haha.

olie! profile pic Alumni

nice design, but not really a message a lot of us can relate to. . .


I'd buy the Buddy Holly one, but in my circle of friends and family, sadly nobody would get it the way it is.

I love Buddy Holly. (Sorry...had to throw that in)

Poisson Baton

i still can't get over the irony of this post above me...

and i would but this and wear it. if you dont get it, its because you are uninformed. if you are uninformed, you should educate yourself, and endevour to educate those around you.

in response to Joe Farmer above, there is really nothing left-wing about democratically electing the leader of your country. well its left of fascism i suppose.


I would wear this. The concept is wonderful. I love that the date is not "Americanized".


What is this education you speak of amanda? We're not big on book learnin' round these parts. $5


The date 9/11 is doooooomed......


had to look that one up. sorry man, i think it may just be too obscure an idea for most of the people on threadless.


I think the audience for this shirt is too small. I know I would never wear a shirt with a statement like this one simply because it has nothing to do with me- I'm not from Chile, so most people who are would cry 'poser'. I would possibly wear it if i was from the country, but that's the problem with making political shirts like this one- any non-Chilean would look stupid wearing this.


love the idea but don't think anyone would get it.


i just couldn't figure out what it meant. twilight zone? chile? whaaa??


It's a nice design, but I really don't care to have to explain it to people and get in some boring conversation about historical politics.

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