Jumping Juxtaposition

Watch this

so THAT's what's at the core of all matter.

subquark jumprope.



i like it, it's like it has movement, or is it just my drunkeness?? i can't wait till i get out of school so i can design t-shirts for threadless.


I have heard that children are the greatest gift of them all. I wasn't aware they were essential to the structure of matter.


Bobby Booshay says 5$. And he suggests you do the same, or else Bobby Booshay will haunt your dreams.

James Fontaine

Great idea like always, nice job man.


Thanks everyone.

I don't get the 3-2-1 Contact. I remember the show, but did they use this idea somehow?


a few shows have kids in this form after. Some kind of program thing but this is a very neat way of showing an atom. The show just had kids at the very end that grew out in this way to look like flowers. It was on after ever Power Ranger show (my kid brother watched and so I saw it). As a Teacher I love this shirt. I would wear it because ot me the message is like Fawful667 touched on; kids are essentual to teh structure of matter. They are the future and this shirt is go GREAT!!! $$$$$5


Kids, one of our few renewable energy sources.

laura brownstar

always like your color schemes. great design!


I like the design, couldn't there be 4 differente kids?



I actually played around with four different kids and decided that I liked the symmetry better.


cool idea and nice design!


I love it! $5

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