• by Occhio
  • posted Mar 01, 2007

For summertime.

Watch this

For summertime.


The design is nice and well drawn, but what does carbon dioxide have to do with seals in ice?


Carbon dioxide = melting the ice which the seals need to live.


The nose looks like a spider to me. how about a fisherman with a hakapik smashing in the little guy's brains?


its a good idea, but its a little hard to grasp in the little time that people would actually see the shirt on someone...i don't really want people staring at my chest for a long time trying to understand it! Its cute...maybe use the seal thing with another design


Travioli, you're an idiot, simply because you put "nah." I hate it when people do that.

When will people learn that if you don't have constructive criticism, don't say anything at all?


It's a nice idea - and the seal is cute but I think the face could use some refinement... maybe just simplfy the amount of lines??


its pretty. if the seal had one nose, i'd give it a 5 :] oh well, still will


worst Fing idea ever.

there is no global warming... global climate change = natural event, global warming from CO2 NO.

thanks Al Gore for letting us all know who the idiots are.


also esthergrondahl, at least travioli didn't flame him like i did... amirite??

less QQ plz


Wow, I can see nobody saw the "Remember, be nice!" comment. I agree that it might be hard for people to understand if it wasn't explained. But cute idea, use the seal maybe with another design!


Hey Lurl:
How do you think global climate change occurs naturally? not from various greenhouse gasses, right? of course not. why would that happen...


Making babies is natural. But you can THINK before doing one...


Great shirt i like a lot


I like the illistration but I hate the concept.

Fact: CO2 has nothing to do with global warming.

I'm going to design some pro CO2 T shirts! And some anti-Sun T's. Sorry, I watched a documentury about the "Climate Change Swindle" the other day and feel cheated!


ha ha. Just read Lurl's comment!


Global Warming natural? BWAHAHAAAAAA.

ass monkies. wags finger do some more reasearch than jsut watching one video or reading one website. look at real grpahs adn statistics and talk to people who know about this kind of thing.

Great shirt, quick and easily transmitted message I think. Well done.


Do you honestly believe there is no causalilty here? Let me post the 420 000 years of temperature & carbon dioxide concentration data from an ice core in Antarctica

That graph shows that there is a DIRECT correlation between temperature and Co2 levels... UP UNTIL the VERY last millimetre of the graph. which coincidentally is around how long the industrial revoltion has been going on.


lol Wiggleh that’s what I said before I watched the documentary and saw the "real" graphs and statistics. I'm still not sold either way and believe we all need to do our bit. People need to be able to see the full picture not just the political one.

Anyhoo sorry Occhio I like the design - provokes debate!


Volcano emissions produce more CO2 per year than all the cars, planes, factories, power stations and humans in the WORLD. Animals, decaying vegetation and bacteria produce more CO2 than volcanoes and the oceans produces more than that even. CO2 is the least significant of all the greenhouse gases. Yes there has been an increase in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere but the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is only about 0.03 percent. Most of 20th Century global warming occurred in the first few decades of that century, before the widespread burning of fossil fuels (and before 82 percent of the increase in atmospheric CO2 observed in the 20th Century). It is also suggested that if we look at the graph Wiggleh has posted in more detail it would show a delay of around 800 years between temp rise and CO2 rise, this is explained by the fact that as the Oceans heat they produce more CO2 and as they are so vast they take a while to heat which is where the lag comes from.

There is more but I feel I've said enough. I'm not sold either way but there is definitely a debate to be had.





the UN... yes the crappy UN has come out with statistics that cows raised for meat produce more methane gas and CO2 that is harmful for the environment then all SUV/automobiles in the world. FACT... if you believe the UN.

I probably could find a lot more little articles but the fact remains that the climate and temperature is always going to change and fluctuate with time weather or not humans drive SUV and fly airplans.

did you know on mars the ice caps are melting as well? all those damn SUV's and planes on mars... makes you think doesn't it. lol

once again, thanks Al Gore for letting us all know who the truely gullible and agenda driven flamers there are out there.

Kastle, you rock.


Temperature is raising here!... I told you I told you!


HAHA, people still think global warming is fake XD
Nice shirt, by the way :) 5


I like that it would inspire debate. Wickedly.
I'd buy it.


awesome!!!!! 5$


I LOVE THIS! if they don't print it here, contact me!

seriously, i want two of them.

lovely work!


Thank you for those who like!


i think this is an amazing awesome shirt.
i'd totally buy this, no doubt.

Fletcher Fashion

I like it, but it's really hard to understand.


there is no global warming... global climate change = natural event, global warming from CO2 NO.
They may have proved that there is no Global Warming,
but what do we class AS global warming.
It's a fact that the Polar Ice Caps are melting.
Doesn't mean that there's no Global Warming.
The Ice melting CAN be proved,
even if Global Warming Can't.
I personally love this top.


I think that if this is a global warming shirt, and not an adorable seal shirt with CO2, it might work better if the seal weren't there and there was just cracked ice to get the global warming=bad message across.


its cool that this design has inspired so much debate. good work.

could be improved by working a little on the seal face - maybe simplifying the shapes rather than trying to represent it totaly accuratly.


I personally think the design is very nice. Cute seal. And whether or not global warming is caused by CO2, whether or not emissions are causing climate change, I still think it's a bad idea to add garbage to the air and water we have to use. It's like the Ganges river...maybe a long time ago it could handle all the human waste and corpses, but just look at it now. Regardless of the amount of CO2 produced by humans in comparison to other causes, it can't hurt to cut emissions and do what we can to help.


okay, did all the anti-global-warming people not see that report that came out a while ago where a huge panel of scientists basically said "yeah, humans HAVE affected global warming, we know for real now." that doesn't even matter, it's just that it's really easy to find evidence to support your opinions when you're not willing to change them, but to say that one group's graphs are "fake" and another's are "real" is just insulting really. i know if i was in a legitimate scientific group trying to do serious research and present my findings and someone told me i made it up, i would just punch them in the face.

anyway. cute design, i don't know if i would wear it but i do like it a lot.


Plants produce CO2. But without them the earth is screwed.

If a symbol for nuclear or something was used instead, maybe it would be better.


there is not enough info to justify any specific idea on global warming. I will tell you this though, I have studied enough astrophysical chemistry and listened to numerous leading scientists in the field that suggest that we are finally coming out of the last ice-age. If that is so, then temperatures are going to get hotter no matter what we do.

The real answer is that you should do whatever you can to prevent damage that is preventable but you must question someone's motives when they use science to further themselves politically or their cause.


oh, and whenever there is a group of scientists claiming that we play a specific role in global warming, remember the "butterfly effect," and then think about how often meteorologists are wrong at predicting the weather. There are just too many variables for anyone to point to a specific cause for global warming.

Many legitimate scientific groups are funded by private groups that want a specific answer and are therefore motivated by money. When you can truly find an unbiased review that has started with basic research that doesn't base any of its findings upon another's determination, it will have a solid foundation. You can't and won't as all science needs monetary backing and is influenced by those that "donate."


OK. Thank you all for your comments. Tees aim to provoke sometimes. I am french (sorry for that guys), and don't care about american bipartite confrontation (Gore vs Bush etc...). The CO2 stuff is a detail, a sort of symbol of our ignorance. Everybody knows something go wrong. But who wants to give up modern confort ? I knew this tee will disturb a lot of people, because it disturbs me at first. Anyway, the design is not perfect. My seal is weird. It seems to reproach something.


Woo, Anti-Global Warming things!
I'm all for this.

Not only do I like seals, but I am also a staunch advocate for less CO2 emmissions.
I feel like by just wearing this shirt, I'd be helping the environment. ^_^


whoa.. lots of long comments. i like. i suppose i won't join the craziness of one person trying to over ride another's opinion... i will restrain myself (though it is difficult)


i did not even read all those novel-like comments, but i just noticed that people tend not to distinguish between the greenhouse effect and global warming. these two events are completely natural, with one being the by-product of the other. however, we are increasing global warming at an unnatural rate, and that is where the problems arise.

i LOVE this shirt! would definitely wear. $5

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