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nice i like it alot


I'd like it on grey with the yellow beams.


How about a darkish blue color shirt (not too dark so the person can still be seen), with yellow beams? I like it. :)


Yellow beams on a dark bg. Blue on the white.


the yellow beams seem a bit too thick to me... almost looks like a sun behind the lamp. I think it would be better without them. or maybe a few rays of light coming down on the guy and making a shadow of him and the beautiful smoke swirls on the ground.


if its light out (hense the street lamp being on) why is it on a white background, it should be on black or maybe dark blue? i like the smoke effect tho


I agree that it might look better on a darker coloured shirt


I like it. Surprised the anti-everything mafia hasn't come along with a comment about how this glamourises smoking yet.

A 4.


I like the design a lot, but I don't quite get the title.


I like it, but on a darker shirt and maybe no beams at all


Since nobody can smoke in public anymore, they're always thrust outside in the cold somewhere....like by a lamp post for example. I'd wear it.


cooler without the yellow rays in background...maybe a big offset full moon...


i re-submitted this shirt....on dark blue.... no yellow light rays... this version looks better tho i think.


I dont get it. Its ok, but what is the point.


haha what do you mean what is the point? it's a dude standing by a lamp smokign a ciggy. there's no like deep message one can get out of this if that's what your asking, but then again....it's a flippin tshirt. not a poem.


I despise smoking but this is a well-executed, beautiful design. Of course when I first saw it I didn't see a guy smoking--I saw a guy talking on the cellphone, with the swirls being the sound of his voice. Maybe because the sight of a person talking on a cell, head up like that, is so common these days? Or maybe because when the smoke is exhaled by a smoker, the cigarette isn't usually by his mouth but down at his side? Ah, but I guess the smoke would still be in the area anyways....


cell phone or ciggy. shit is bangin

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