OMG this SO happened to me today

  • by bobbin01
  • posted Feb 26, 2007

'Cept it was a packet of Tasty Toobs; The most tasty of tasty vending machine snacks ever invented and it was the first time I have seen them for about 8 years!
I ended up spending about $10 trying to coax them out of the machine before collapsing in a sobbing heap (yes it was a pretty dramatic moment) and thinking of this shirt.
AND NOW I dont have enough $$$ to buy it!!!!!!

Watch this

Same thing happened to me too last week, but it was a pack of peanut m&m's. I was quite sad.


Tasty Toobs sound funny.
I lol just thinking about it.


you dropped 10 bucks on a vending machine delight, that 10 dollars could've gone towards this.


I usually stop after $2...they must be some really tasty Tasty Toobs.

And this happened to me too with peanut m&ms, but then I tried again with another machine and I got two instead of one! My faith in god was at an all time high that day, lol.


This happened at my school with a bunch of hot fries. there were like 5 all piled up eventually some kid ran and jumped up on the machine to try to make them fall down and the glass on the front of the machine broke into a million made me laugh


yeah, our vending machines have sensors, where if the item doesn't drop, it spins again, so sometimes you get a two for one deal. And you always find love. or something like that.


you should of picked up the vending machine and dropped it. Always works for me =)

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