zach braff

comedy hero, shops where I do, how validating!

Watch this

I saw this pic and was like "Oh my god, it's Zach Braff!" and then sent it to all my friends. tehe I can't believe he's wearing a threadless shirt. That is awesome beyond belief. lol


i don't think so rambunkcious, although i think your little crush is cute. zach and i have been engaged for a little over a year now, dating for, well it feels like forever, and every new day with him is a gift. LOVES YA ZACHY-WACHY!


zach also wore "You Sunk My Battleship" in the season finale (i think) of scrubs a while back.


Wholy........OMG Zach Braff!!!!!!!!!!! How the.....? He's a.......? And this is.....? He rocks!!!!!!!!!!


Where is he? That's not the set of Scrubs, is it?


the whole point of the competition for this tee was promoting the last kiss, wasn't it? so of course he'll model it for us.

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